WHERE does Greater Western Sydney expect its free agency compensation picks to land? And what will the Giants do with those choices?

The Giants look set to be busy players during this year's exchange and NAB AFL Draft periods, with free agency compensation selections set to head their way for the departures of Zac Williams and Aidan Corr.

Recruiting manager Adrian Caruso joined this week's episode of Road to the Draft to discuss where the club thinks those picks will arrive and how the Giants plan to use them.

Caruso also give his take on the two leading contenders for the No.1 pick, what's happening with Jeremy Cameron's contract negotiations and how the Giants are preparing for the draft in this unprecedented season.

Tune in for the latest in the world of the draft, trade and player movement space as draft expert Callum Twomey and Nat Edwards are joined by prospects, club list managers and recruiters for exclusive interviews.

This week's episode guide…

1:00 – A wrap of the recent finals performances and the draftees who lifted their stocks.

4:25 – Why the next month could shape draft order decisions for recruiters.

6:45 – Caruso gives his take on 2020's "needs-based draft".

8:30 – Who are the two main No.1 contenders aside from Jamarra Ugle-Hagan?

13:00 – The critical attribute the Giants are searching for in their draftees.

15:20 – Caruso outlines the Giants' hopes for the free agency compensation selections and what it means for their draft hand.

17:20 – The latest on Cameron's ongoing contract talks and what it means for the club's recruiting plans.

19:50 – The story behind Jake Riccardi's drafting to the club.

24:00 – Is another Green headed the way of the Giants? Why the club will be watching this Academy midfielder.

27:20 – Who has been the most impressive prospect the Giants have interviewed this year?