Jordan De Goey (centre) and the Magpies walk off the Gabba. Picture: Getty Images via AFL Photos

COLLINGWOOD will be "as aggressive as we can be" during the Trade Period, after being smashed in Saturday night's semi-final by Geelong, coach Nathan Buckley said. 

The Magpies were in "shock" following the 68-point loss, but Buckley said the club had a good grasp on where it needed to improve ahead of 2021. 

He said they would go to the NAB AFL Draft if needed, but hinted most of their work would be done at the trade table. 

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"We think we've got scope," Buckley said. 

"We've got to continue to get better, there's no stopping, no slowing down in that regard. 

"We'll be as aggressive as we can be." 


The Magpies have won finals in the past three years without winning a premiership and need to improve all over the ground - apart from defence – the coach said. 

"I know key forward is an area, but we still need to replenish our midfield and find a wave of guys that are going to come through there. 

"That might be a target area.

"Outside run, high forwards and wingers might be an area we have to look at. 

"I think understanding yourself is the most important step you need to take before you work out what you need and we think we've got a pretty good handle on that." 


One player Buckley is confident of keeping is out of contract forward Jordan De Goey, who is reportedly being circled by other clubs.

Buckley said the matchwinner loved Collingwood and the club and player just needed to come to terms on money. 

"We don't live in a vacuum. We're aware of the conversations that take place," he said.

"Jordy loves the club and he wants to be here. 

"Elements of people on his side would like to see him remunerated as well as he possibly could, and we want him to be rewarded appropriately as well. 

"That's what it comes down to. There still needs to be a monetary outcome that is satisfactory for both parties." 


Collingwood was blown off the Gabba in the opening quarter of its loss to Geelong, a performance Buckley said he did not see coming. 

The statistics were as one-sided as you could imagine. 

Buckley made no excuses, but conceded last week's thrilling win over West Coast appeared to have taken a toll. 

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"We were ambushed," he said.

"We knew what was coming and … the fact we weren't able to meet it at all was disappointing.

"It's fair to say our board was red from one minute into the game - contested ball, ground ball, territory, marks. They were able to do what they wanted at will. 

"The only way I can comprehend a result like tonight is that we had nothing more to give. 

"We will find the positives and we will go forward from this."