Richmond defender Dylan Grimes. Picture: Michael Willson/AFL Photos

RICHMOND defender Dylan Grimes has dismissed the focus on the Tigers' renewed aggression in Friday night's semi-final victory over St Kilda as a "storm in a teacup".

Tom Lynch received a $750 fine for dropping a knee onto Saint Dougal Howard's neck, while captain Trent Cotchin laid a crude high tackle on Zak Jones in another incident from the game.


However, Grimes said too much was being made of what he thought were two isolated moments.

"I don't really think there was much to make of it, other than we were just playing the Richmond brand. I don't think other teams would look into that at all, to be honest," Grimes said.

"In other teams, other games this week there were probably other things that happened, so I'm not sure why there's been so much made of this, but we love the brand of footy that both Trent and 'Lynchy' play.

"We're going to try to bring that week in, week out – that physical style of Richmond football.

"Having said that, we like our players playing to the rules and not giving away any free kicks or (50m) penalties, where we can, so that's a focus of ours, but I just think it's a bit of a storm in a teacup, in some ways."

Richmond's Trent Cotchin tackles St Kilda's Zak Jones high during the semi-final at Metricon Stadium. Picture: AFL Photos

Grimes was pleased to see the Tigers' pressure back where it needed to be after a somewhat surprising qualifying final loss to Brisbane, and he also believed their contested work was better.

The 31-point triumph over St Kilda advanced Richmond to a fourth successive preliminary final, but it was the first time in that period they lost a qualifying final and had to win a semi-final.

Grimes was unfussed at having to take the longer route, but was acutely aware of the challenge ahead against Port Adelaide, which dominated key statistics in a 21-point round 11 defeat of the reigning premiers.

The Power had 90 more disposals than the Tigers on that night, claimed the inside 50 count 55-24, had 43 extra contested possessions and won centre clearances 20-5.

"One thing they did really well was they just countered every punch we threw, and in terms of ball movement and defensively they just had an answer for all of our questions," Grimes said of Port.

"I remember that feeling really clearly. We've learned a lot from that game, because that was a game where we tried every trick in the book that we had at that stage and they were just too good.

"When that happens, you're forced to kind of look internally about what you can do better and how you can move the ball better and defensively what you'd change. 

"It'll be interesting to see whether those lessons pay off this week."