Former Carlton list manager and Blues great Stephen Silvagni. Picture: AFL Photos

EX-CARLTON list boss Stephen Silvagni has blasted Blues chief executive Cain Liddle over the "amateur" approach to his "messy" exit from the club last year.

Silvagni also claims that Liddle accused him of potentially "sabotaging the trade period" last year, while the pair also shared a disagreement over the value of returning forward Eddie Betts.

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The club great was sacked from his post after five years in December due to what the Blues described as a "complexity" and "conflict" with having two sons, Jack and Ben, on the playing list.

However, Silvagni took exception to the use of the word "complexity", and felt the Blues' stance put unneeded pressure on his kids.

"Looking back at the press release, it just put the boys under the bus. I thought it was amateur, to be honest," Silvagni told SEN on Wednesday.

"It really lacked any respect in terms of how you handle people on the way out. That was probably the most hurtful thing.


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"The way that press release was written up, I think, put two players under the bus, and put more pressure on them than they should have to handle throughout a season.

"Ultimately if he (Liddle) actually used the words he used to me when he decided not to go on with me, I would have been fine with that. But when you use words that weren't in that, and I asked him, 'If that's the reason why you don't want to renew my contract, that's fine, but make sure you use those words you've used'.

Looking back at the press release, it just put the boys under the bus. I thought it was amateur, to be honest

- Stephen Silvagni

"But he didn't have the courage or conviction."

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Silvagni had a close relationship with president Mark LoGiudice, who relayed to him Liddle's thoughts on his position entering the off-season.

"What hurt me the most, probably when your president has a chat to you and he says I've fought for you, that the CEO (Liddle) felt as though I would sabotage the trade and draft period," Silvagni said.

Silvagni claims Liddle overpowered him on the price to pay for Betts despite key Blues officials having previously come to an agreement on his worth.

"When you have people that overrule your decisions, that you've worked so hard for, and because they want memberships to look great or the accolade of 'we're bringing someone back', is their intention the right intention for the Carlton Football Club? I don’t think it was," he said.

Silvagni admitted the Blues had shown interest in acquiring now-St Kilda small forward Dan Butler from Richmond, but it had dissipated when prioritising Jack Martin, Betts and Tom Papley, who ultimately stayed at Sydney.

He also added that Greater Western Sydney, a club where he was list boss from 2011-14, should be "extremely worried" over the departures of Jeremy Cameron, Zac Williams and Aidan Corr, and that the Giants "may have missed their chance at winning a Grand Final."

Carlton has been contacted for comment.

Silvagni will be part of the team on Trade Radio starting Monday October 26 on and the AFL Official Live App.