GOLD Coast will wear its predominantly red jumper against Port Adelaide when the teams meet in China on May 14. 

After months of back and forth between the clubs, the Suns have not budged on playing in their home strip for the historic match.

"It has been confirmed we will be wearing our traditional red and gold strip in China against Port Adelaide," A Suns spokesperson told 

The AFL has confirmed the decision. 

Port Adelaide has paid $500,000 for the rights to the Suns' home game and wanted Gold Coast to switch to its white clash jumper, fearing the red and gold colours of China would attract the majority of local support. 

Port Adelaide chief executive Keith Thomas said it wasn't the outcome the Power wanted.

"It’s not ideal but this is only a one-year agreement with the Gold Coast," Thomas said. 

"We thought within the spirit of the commercial arrangement we had a strong case for the Gold Coast to wear their white clash guernsey but we accept the AFL’s decision and move on."

Respective chairmen Tony Cochrane (Gold Coast) and David Koch (Port Adelaide) exchanged verbal barbs in February when the Suns held their line. 

Koch said Gold Coast was playing "silly buggars" and threatened to ensure they would not be invited to subsequent matches in China.

Relations between the clubs have been tense since, but are believed to be on the mend. 

"The guernsey issue is a just a small component of a far bigger picture for Port Adelaide," Thomas said.

"This historic game is sold out, Jiangwan Stadium is going to be packed with our supporters wearing black, white and teal and we are at the forefront of the AFL in taking our game to China. 

"This is going to be a truly great day in the history of the Port Adelaide Football Club and this decision on the Gold Coast guernsey will not change that."