GEELONG intends to follow the lead of North Melbourne and Melbourne by withdrawing from pokies.

The Kangaroos cut ties with the gaming machines in 2008 while the Demons intend to have removed themselves from the industry by 2022.

Cats president Colin Carter told News Corp his club would eventually follow suit, although he couldn't say when that would happen.

"What we can be public about is we have sold more than half of them (pokies). The other part is all bound up in commercial stuff we would prefer not to talk about," Carter said.

"But the intention is to get out. The question is when and how. We are not fully in control of that process.

"There is a desire for all sorts of reasons. It doesn't quite fit where we want to be as a club, so we are on the way, half out, but not fully there yet."

Adelaide, Fremantle, Gold Coast, West Coast, Sydney and Greater Western Sydney are the other teams not involved in pokies.