AMERICAN Marvin Baynham has set a new benchmark with a record-breaking standing vertical jump at the first day of the NAB AFL Draft Combine. 

The 22-year-old from Florida jumped 88cm on Monday to overtake the previous best test, which was set by athletic Sydney Swans' utility Dean Towers (85cm) in 2012. 

Baynham first impressed at April's Los Angeles combine, where his athleticism and speed piqued the interest of clubs who attended.

Since arriving in Australia almost two weeks ago, he has trialled at a handful of clubs as he transitions to a new sport, having grown up playing basketball and American football. 

West Australian Jarrod Garlett and Nathan Drummond also competed well, recording jumps of 76cm, while likely top-three draft pick Christian Petracca's basketball background came to the fore with a 74cm leap. 

Fellow American Evan Bruinsma, who is also trialling to win a position as an international rookie, was a standout in the running vertical jump.

Bruinsma recorded a 97cm running jump – equalling the second-best jump of all time behind Nic Naitanui's 102cm leap in 2008. 

Baynham's 95cm jump was the third-best of all time, while Daniel McKenzie showed the explosiveness in his game with a 94cm jump – the fourth-best ever recorded. 

McKenzie has had some injury interruptions this season but finished the year strongly with the Oakleigh Chargers in their TAC Cup premiership. 

A number of likely early draft selections are not testing at this week's combine due to injury. Paddy McCartin (groin), Lachie Weller (leg), Isaac Heeney (knee), Angus Brayshaw (ankle) and Peter Wright (knee) are among the batch who are unavailable. 

Standing Vertical Jump (cm)
1. Marvin Baynham 88
2. Jarrod Garlett 76
2. Nathan Drummond 76
4. Christian Petracca 74
5. Nakia Cockatoo 73
5. James Rose 73
7. Dean Gore 72
7. Nicholas Coughlan 72
7. Evan Bruinsma 72
7. Reece McKenzie 72
7. Tom Read 72
Running vertical jump (cm)
1. Evan Bruinsma 97
2. Marvin Baynham 95
3. Daniel McKenzie 94
4. Billy Gowers 93
5. Nathan Drummond 90
6. Nakia Cockatoo 89
7. Matthew Uebergang 87
7. Mitch McGovern 87
7. James Rose 87
7. Matthew Hammelmann 87