AIDEN Bonar has underlined his elite athleticism on day three of the NAB AFL Draft Combine, with the talented prospect equaling the all-time standing vertical jump record.

The Dandenong Stingrays forward, who returned to the field in the middle of this season after two knee reconstructions, jumped 89cm in the test, drawing him level with Jordan Gallucci from last year's combine (Gallucci was drafted by Adelaide at pick No.15 last year). 

But Bonar's impressive efforts didn't stop there. He also recorded a 2.90-second 20-metre sprint, placing him equal second in the speed test.

The 18-year-old looms as one of the most interesting prospects to place ahead of next month's NAB AFL Draft on the back of his injury history, but he is strong, powerful and explosive, and has remained in clubs' thoughts during his time on the sidelines. 

Some recruiters see him pushing into the top-25 despite his limited exposure because of his knee issues.

Bonar was beaten to the top of the list in the 20-metre sprint by Northern Knights speedster Jack Petruccelle, who ran at 2.87 seconds to highlight is electric turn of pace.

Petruccelle entered the event as the clear favourite and ran 2.88, 2.87 and 2.87 in his three attempts. Kane Farrell impressed at 2.90 seconds, while Ben Miller and Nick Coffield, who both ran at 2.91, were also among the best performers.

Bonar wasn't the only prospect to etch his name into Combine history on Thursday, with Kyron Hayden setting a new record for the running vertical jump after leaping 103cm.

His huge spring saw him overtake the record of 102cm previously held by Nic Naitanui (at the 2008 combine) and Jared Brennan (in 2002).

The excellent testing result came as something of a surprise from the West Australian midfielder, who stands at only 185cm.

He beat out Farrell and high-marking South Australian forward Jordan Houlahan, who both jumped 95cm, and ruckman/forward Hayden McLean (who jumped 92cm).

Farrell, a neat-kicking left footer from the Bendigo Pioneers, and Miller, a tall forward from Western Australia, shared the honours in the agility test by running 8.10 seconds.

Another Bendigo pocket rocket Brent Daniels performed well with his sharp movement to run the agility test over 8.11 seconds. 

Standout performers

Smartspeed 20-metre sprint
Jack Petruccelle          2.87 seconds
Kane Farrell                2.90
Aiden Bonar                2.90
Ben Miller                   2.91
Nick Coffield               2.91 
Ben Paton                   2.95
Brent Daniels              2.95
Stefan Okunbar           2.95
Jaidyn Stephenson      2.95
Nicholas Shipley          2.97

Smartspeed agility test
Kane Farrell           8.10 seconds
Ben Miller              8.10
Brent Daniels         8.11
Trent Mynott          8.20
Nathan Kreuger      8.21 
Aaron Naughton     8.22
Mitchell Podhajski   8.26
Oscar Allen            8.27
Stefan Okunbar      8.29
Matthew Ling         8.30
Callan England       8.30
Aiden Bonar           8.30
Andrew Brayshaw   8.30

Standing vertical jump
Aiden Bonar             89cm
Kyron Hayden          82cm
Ben Paton                80cm
Harrison Jones         79cm
Jordan Houlahan      77cm
Jordan Johnston       75cm
Jack Petruccelle       74cm
Noah Balta              74cm
Adam Sambono       73cm
Hayden McLean       73cm

Running vertical jump
Kyron Hayden        103cm
Kane Farrell           95cm
Jordan Houlahan    95cm
Hayden McLean     92cm
Noah Balta            89cm
Harrison Jones       88cm
Oscar Allen            88cm
Tom McCartin        88cm
Matthew Day         87cm
Nathan Kreuger      87cm