ASPLEY has received a welcome boost for its clash with Gold Coast at Graham Road with club great Reece Toye named to play his first game of the season.

Toye, 32, who has played more than 200 matches for the Hornets including 142 in the NEAFL, hasn’t played this season due to a hand injury but has been named at half-forward as his team aims to break a six-match losing streak against the rejuvenated Suns.

Aspley also has Brad Dale and Jono Giles returning among six changes from the team that nearly upset the Brisbane Lions, but Jono Freeman (hamstring), James Ives (knee) and Liam Dawson (hamstring) will all miss.

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The Suns have been boosted by top draft pick Elijah Hollands being selected to make his VFL debut, while Josh Corbett, Jy Farrer, Mal Rosas, Caleb Graham and Jy Farrar have all been included, with Sam Day being recalled by the AFL team.

Werribee named a pretty handy replacement for drafted utility Kye Declase, with skipper Michael Sodomaco returning after the birth of his daughter for the Tigers’ stoush with GWS Giants at Avalon Airport Oval.

Michael Sodomaco at the VFL Captains Day in 2021. Picture: AFL Photos

The Giants made five changes, losing Phil Davis and Kieren Briggs to the AFL team, plus Jacob Wehr, Josh Green and Tom Hutchesson, with Cam Fleeton, Xavier O’Halloran and Jake Stein among the inclusions.

Port Melbourne has been boosted by the inclusions of Mitch Wooffindin, Nash Holmes, Josh Hotchkin and Jake Gasper from injury after four weeks off, but the curse continues with Mackenzie Bristow (knee), Angus Hanrahan (shin) to miss its clash with Carlton and Harry Minton-Connell (back) gone for the season.

The Blues have named a powerful line-up after wielding the axe at AFL level, with Marc Murphy, Levi Casboult and Matt Cottrell all included alongside in-form backman Stefan Radovanovic, co-skipper Riley Stoddart, Corey Durdin, Toby Wooller and Footscray draftee Jordan Boyd.

Stefan Radovanovic in action for Carlton's VFL side in round four, 2021. Picture: AFL Photos

Matt Kennedy and Luke Parks have been promoted to the AFL, while co-captain Matt Shannon was among seven players dropped.

Ben Jepson and Nathan Howard will make their VFL debuts for Coburg against North Melbourne at Arden St alongside Josh Guthrie, replacing Corey Ellis (ankle), Ryan Sturgess (hamstring) and Athan Tsialtas.

The Kangaroos will be without Tasmanian talent Harrison Gunther, Connor Kilpatrick and Jye Menzie due to border closures, but they have been able to name X-factor Kyron Hayden and ruckman Tom Campbell for their first games of the season, while Charlie Lazzaro and mid-season draftee Charlie Ham will debut and Connor Menadue and Tyler Roos also come in.

Co-captain Andrew Boston returns for Southport’s NEAFL Grand Final rematch with the Brisbane Lions, but the Sharks will be without Fraser Thurlow (quad) for a month and Lukas Webb (ankle).

The Lions will be significantly weakened by the loss to Rhys Mathieson, James Maddern, Tom Fullarton and Thomas Berry to the AFL team, but mid-season pick Kalin Lane will play his first game.

Williamstown has been boosted by the returns of ruckman Tom Downie (back), Nick Mellington and Billy Myers to face Richmond in the VFL Grand Final rematch, with the Seagulls having the luxury of naming Jaylon Thorpe, Josh Pickess and Nick Sing as emergencies.

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The Tigers have selected a powerful team, with Marlion Pickett and Dan Rioli selected after playing in Perth last Sunday, Hugo Ralphsmith returning after being the sub, Mate Colina and mid-season draftee Matt Parker to debut, and Ryan Garthwaite, Jack Ross, Riley Collier-Dawkins, Patrick Naish, and Rhyan Mansell also in.

Josh Caddy, Mabior Chol and Callum Coleman-Jones have been promoted since Richmond’s last game, while Sam Durham was drafted by Essendon.

The Bombers and Box Hill Hawks have named squads of 30-plus for their clash at Windy Hill on Sunday morning.

Saturday, June 19, 12pm @ Graham Road

B: 18. J. Arnold, 31. B. Dale, 6. E. Wasley-Black
HB: 39. L. Jellyman-Turner, 34. I. Corvo, 8. M. Payne
C: 21. J. Fitzpatrick, 9. J. Allison, 7. C. Lyons
HF: 14. J. Rolls, 11. M. Hammelmann, 12. R. Toye
F: 1. W. Gowers, 10. C. Stackelberg, 2. J. Hayden
R: 35. J. Ivers, 4. R. Bastinac, 16. J. Giles
Inter: 26. R. Banks-Smith, 41. J. Craven, 28. J. Lipscombe, 22. T. Templeton

In: Banks-Smith, Craven, Dale, Giles, Lipscombe, Toye
Out: W. O'Dwyer, J. Warren, L. Dawson (hamstring), J. Ives (knee), J. Freeman (hamstring), D. Smith 

B: 5. J. Harbrow, 20. J. Hombsch, 43. J. McLennan
HB: 50. J. Farrar, 33. A. Fyfe, 45. L. Towey
C: 2. R. Atkins, 7. W. Brodie, 37. J. Sharp
HF: 19. J. Corbett, 40. J. Jeffrey, 8. B. Fiorini
F: 44. D. MacPherson, 42. P. Murtagh, 21. J. Townsend
R: 31. J. Murdoch, 9. B. Ainsworth, 30. A. Davies
Inter: 46. C. Graham, 36. E. Hollands, 47. H. Oea, 41. M. Rosas

Emerg: 58. J. Johnston, 60. E. Moyle, 52. B. Reeves, 57. B. Uwland

In: Corbett, Farrar, Graham, Hollands, Oea, Rosas
Out: S. Day, Johnston, M. Pescud, R. Pickering, Reeves, Uwland

Prediction: Aspley by 8 

Saturday, June 19, 12pm @ Arden St (Casey Radio 97.7FM,

B: 15. A. Bosenavulagi, 81. H. Murphy, 52. J. Heron
HB: 34. C. Ham, 82. F. Appleby, 37. K. Hayden
C: 35. C. Lazzaro, 56. K. Answerth, 33. P. Walker
HF: 57. H. Jones, 46. M. Walker, 68. J. Watkins
F: 31. C. Menadue, 54. T. Roos, 70. B. Speight
R: 63. M. Baker, 61. J. Clayton, 53. C. Byrne
Inter: 42. T. Campbell, 40. E. Ford, 29. W. Phillips, 17. L. Young

Emerg: 64. L. Cunningham, 85. H. Dick, 73. A. Polidoros

In: Campbell, Ham, Hayden, Lazzaro, Menadue, Roos
Out: H. Gunther, C. Kilpatrick, J. Menzie (border closures), T. Xerri (AFL), Cunningham, Polidoros

B: 2. J. Corigliano, 6. H. Nolan, 5. R. Exon
HB: 7. L. Dickson, 15. J. Maibaum, 20. T. McKenzie
C: 11. L. Bunker, 13. B. Gillard, 8. T. Silvestro
HF: 17. N. Boucher, 10. M. Podhajski, 24. C. Thompson
F: 4. S. Lowson, 12. P. McEvoy, 1. L. Nelson
R: 29. N. Mullenger-McHugh, 3. J. Ballard, 42. M. Lentini
Inter: 31. A. Clarke, 36. J. Guthrie, 44. N. Howard, 38. B. Jepson

Emerg: 19. J. Baddeley-Kelly, 18. D. Cleary, 32. J. Davies, 16. A. Tsialtas

In: Guthrie, Howard, Jepson
Out: C. Ellis (ankle), R. Sturgess (hamstring), Tsialtas

Prediction: Coburg by 14 

Saturday, June 19, 12pm @ Fankhauser Reserve

B: 12. R. Clark, 8. S. Tape, 32. M. Gahan
HB: 19. T. Fields, 28. J. Williams, 14. B. Murdoch
C: 34. B. Gowers, 29. K. Boakye, 25. J. Joyce
HF: 17. M. Johnson, 16. C. Nutting, 4. M. Manteit
F: 5. A. Boston, 22. J. Turner, 36. B. Lynch
R: 24. B. Crossley, 3. J. Dawson, 42. M. Selsby
Inter: 35. R. King, 20. T. Miller, 1. B. Scheer, 10. M. Willis

Emerg: 23. D. Charlesworth, 33. M. Doran, 37. R. Gilmore, 27. J. Travaglini

In: Boston, Turner
Out: F. Thurlow (quad), L. Webb (ankle)

B: 48. T. Abberley, 40. J. Payne, 41. D. Uosis
HB: 39. C. Michael, 38. C. Ballenden, 1. B. Smith
C: 51. J. Langborne, 32. T. Joyce, 49. B. Reville
HF: 34. B. Coleman, 52. T. Triffett, 26. C. McFadyen
F: 45. H. Fidler, 19. H. Smith, 29. K. Lane
R: 44. A. Smith, 12. N. Cockatoo, 50. S. Crozier
Inter: 54. W. Barry, 58. C. Bowes, 47. J. Briskey, 56. W. Tasker

Emerg: 57. C. Bulley, 55. S. Cashen-Harris, 59. T. Wischnat

In: Fidler, Lane, Payne, Tasker
Out: T. Berry, T. Fullarton (both AFL emerg), J. Madden, R. Mathieson (both AFL)

Prediction: Southport by 10 

Saturday, June 19, 12.05pm @ Avalon Airport Oval (Kayo)

B: 21. L. Pinnuck, 18. N. Cooper, 2. M. Spencer
HB: 12. A. Lual, 5. N. Coughlan, 3. M. Sodomaco
C: 4. T. Gribble, 11. M. Hanson, 6. S. Mannagh
HF: 14. R. Kemp, 1. W. Buzza, 22. B. Malual
F: 7. N. Hayes, 38. H. Garoni, 10. J. Maishman
R: 16. M. Lobbe, 29. D. Brew, 8. J. Henderson
Inter: 27. J. Clark, 13. K. Gray, 30. L. Rocci, 20. H. Stubbings

Emerg: 43. D. Bennett, 36. T. Boyd, 9. R. Pendlebury, 45. C. Thar

In: Sodomaco
Out: K. Declase (Melbourne)

B: 21. M. Buntine, 42. J. Stein, 29. C. Fleeton
HB: 52. A. Baker, 46. C. Brown, 45. J. Peatling
C: 9. R. Angwin, 33. X. O'Halloran, 35. W. Shaw
HF: 56. A. Smout, 28. Z. Sproule, 72. Z. Youlten
F: 76. L. Chisholm, 26. J. Riccardi, 58. R. Pollock
R: 80. A. Wolff, 34. N. Shipley, 5. T. Bruhn
Inter: 51. X. Barry-Murphy, 57. W. Clark, 78. J. Field, 61. T. Garvey

In: Field, Fleeton, O'Halloran, Stein, Wolff
Out: K. Briggs, P. Davis (both AFL), J. Wehr (AFL emerg), J. Green, T. Hutchesson 

Prediction: Werribee by 24 

Saturday, June 19, 1pm @ ETU Stadium

B: 32. P. Lewis-Smith, 34. K. Reid, 6. F. Roberts
HB: 37. H. Hooper, 12. D. Koenen, 30. E. Phillips
C: 10. M. Arnot, 3. E. Templeton, 13. C. Wagner
HF: 5. I. Conway, 15. P. Kerr, 26. J. Gasper
F: 19. A. Anastasio, 17. M. Signorello, 29. C. Walker
R: 36. J. Hotchkin, 21. B. Jolley, 4. T. O'Sullivan
Inter: 14. N. Holmes, 43. T. O'Sullivan, 31. N. Stathopoulos, 18. M. Wooffindin

Emerg: 23. H. Hunt, 28. J. May, 1. M. Rivett, 20. D. Watson

In: Gasper, Holmes, Hotchkin, Lewis-Smith, Stathopoulos, Wooffindin
Out: M. Bristow (knee), A. Hanrahan (shin), C. Hodges, L. McKenna, H. Minton-Connell (back), J. O’Sullivan

B: 17. B. Kemp, 38. R. Stoddart, 40. C. Stephens
HB: 42. J. Boyd, 11. S. Radovanovic, 33. S. Ramsay
C: 46. M. Cottrell, 32. J. Newnes, 4. L. O'Brien
HF: 29. C. Durdin, 43. T. Wooller, 36. J. Honey
F: 24. B. Crocker, 41. L. Casboult, 3. M. Murphy
R: 45. A. Mirkov, 5. S. Petrevski-Seton, 16. J. Carroll
Inter: 39. C. Hirst, 20. T. North, 30. J. Parsons, 31. T. Williamson

Emerg: 7. B. Caluzzi, 13. E. Delany, 8. A. Gundry, 49. M. Shannon

In: Boyd (Footscray), Casboult, Cottrell, Durdin, Mirkov, Murphy, Radovanovic, Stoddart, Wooller
Out: Caluzzi, Delany, Gundry, Kennedy (AFL), Marshall, L. Parks (AFL), F. Phillips, Shannon, Swaney

Prediction: Carlton by 9

Sunday, June 20, 11.05am @ Windy Hill (WBC 94.1FM,; Kayo)

B: 79. B. Morgan, 38. C. Brand, 54. D. Thompson
HB: 62. J. Evans, 31. Z. Reid, 8. M. Gleeson
C: 71. C. Byrne, 60. J. Atley, 53. S. Conforti
HF: 67. K. Brown, 41. C. McBride, 49. T. Hird
F: 32. J. Eyre, 29. P. Ambrose, 36. L. Johnson
R: 24. N. Bryan, 63. N. O'Kearney, 42. S. Durham
Inter: 58. J. Hobbs, 51. S. McLarty, 68. B. Rowles, 78. J. Smithson, 28. N. Cahill, 12. T. Cutler, 2. S. Draper, 61. S. Graham, 56. J. Kemp, 34. A. Phillips, 75. M. Simpson

* Underlined players also named in AFL extended team 

In: Cutler, Draper, Durham (Richmond), Evans, Eyre, Graham, Morgan, Phillips, Reid, Simpson
Out: A. Baker (GWS), M. Day, B. Zerk-Thatcher (AFL)

B: 30. D. Greaves, 38. D. Grainger-Barras, 23. T. O'Brien
HB: 33. H. Pepper, 27. M. Hartley, 21. T. Phillips
C: 11. C. Nash, 44. J. Newcombe, 43. J. Saunders
HF: 42. T. Brockman, 39. E. Jeka, 13. O. Hanrahan
F: 45. J. Callow, 31. K. Brooksby, 35. J. Morris
R: 37. N. Reeves, 32. F. Maginness, 41. C. Downie
Inter: 51. V. Adduci, 53. H. Beasley, 67. J. Blanck, 58. J. Cucinotta, 66. M. DeWit, 57. M. Doreian, 56. F. Greene, 62. S. Horner, 61. B. Kilpatrick, 50. D. Mascitti, 59. T. Mynott, 60. E. Phillips, 55. C. Porter

* Underlined players also named in AFL extended team

In: Blanck, Callow, Cucinotta, Doreian, Grainger-Barras, Greaves, Hanrahan, Maginness, Phillips, Reeves
Out: J. Ceglar (AFL)

Prediction: Box Hill Hawks by 28

Sunday, June 20, 2.10pm @ Downer Oval (7Mate, 7Plus)

B: 18. J. Greiser, 12. J. Leslie, 39. J. Toner
HB: 35. C. Dean, 25. T. Miles, 23. C. Polson
C: 32. D. Andrews, 8. N. Mellington, 9. A. Marcon
HF: 1. L. Meadows, 26. N. Ebinger, 34. M. Mellis
F: 36. D. Henderson, 20. J. Ottavi, 3. C. Rich
R: 11. T. Downie, 6. L. Hunt, 2. M. Hibberd
Inter: 14. J. Gallucci, 28. N. Gown, 29. H. Macreadie, 4. B. Myers

Emerg: 19. H. Bertoli-Simmonds, 22. J. Pickess, 7. N. Sing, 10. J. Thorpe

In: Downie, Mellington, Mellis, Myers
Out: Bertoli-Simmonds, S. Conway, Pickess, L. Stapleton (hamstring)

B: 43. D. Eggmolesse-Smith, 46. B. Miller, 47. B. Nyuon
HB: 31. R. Mansell, 5. J. Ross, 6. P. Naish
C: 50. M. Pickett, 26. R. Collier-Dawkins, 45. H. Ralphsmith
HF: 37. M. Parker, 27. T. Dow, 49. M. Rioli
F: 38. N. Cumberland, 42. R. Garthwaite, 44. S. Stack
R: 32. S. Ryan, 36. W. Martyn, 17. D. Rioli
Inter: 39. M. Colina, 52. A. Hicks, 53. G. McDonagh, 65. J. Nathan

Emerg: 68. M. Bartlett, 66. B. Henderson, 54. B. Melville, 55. L. Street 

In: Colina, Collier-Dawkins, Garthwaite, Mansell, Naish, Parker, Pickett, Ralphsmith, D. Rioli, Ross
Out: J. Caddy, M. Chol, C. Coleman-Jones (all AFL), S. Durham (Essendon), Bartlett, F. Elliot, Henderson, Melville, C. Olden, Street

Prediction: Williamstown by 1

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