GEELONG youngster Billie Smedts has apologised for an irresponsible photo that raised the ire of the Transport Accident Commission and the Victoria Police.

Smedts posted a 'selfie' to his 10,000 followers on his Instagram account, which depicted him taking a photo with a Go Pro out the window while he appeared to be driving.

"Driving back to warrnambool for Christmas!!! #goproselfie," the photo's caption reads.

The 21-year-old assured the Cats he was not in fact driving at the time, but rather the photo was staged to make it appear that way.

The photo posted on Instagram by Geelong player Billie Smedts. Picture: Instagram
But, despite his guarantees, Smedts was quick to apologise for his actions.

"I understand that in taking and posting this image that it sends a poor and irresponsible message and I'm sorry for causing that," Smedts said in a statement.

"Road safety is something that is critical and should be taken seriously at all times. Christmas time is a particularly vulnerable time of the year, and even though I wasn't driving at the time and it was a staged shot, people seeing the photo could have thought it was real and wanted to copy it. That would be dangerous and could easily cause an accident."

Cats CEO Brian Cook said further discussions regarding Smedts' actions would take place once the players returned from the Christmas break.

"We take road safety seriously and like many others are disappointed that this image was taken and posted," Cook said in the same statement. 

"We will continue to educate our players and staff on the importance of road safety. We will further discuss this matter, however it will not be concluded until our player leadership group and playing list returns in early January."

Earlier, TAC chief Janet Dore told Melbourne radio station 3AW she was "absolutely astounded" by the Instagram photo.

"I'm absolutely astounded. It's so disappointing," she said.

"I just wonder what his parents would think if he suddenly lost control of the car veered off the road, in to a tree, and died.

"It's just not a playground, the car. It just beggars belief."

Police confirmed on the radio station they could take action over the inappropriate behaviour.

Victoria Police Supt. Neville Taylor said it was "disappointing" to see a person with such a high-profile participating in such unnecessary behaviours.

"I'd be more than happy to talk to Geelong or the player involved (Smedts) and what I'd be hope would come out of that, is some commitment around about what can be done to rectify the message around road safety," he told 3AW on Tuesday morning.

Smedts, 21, has played 27 games with the Cats since being drafted with pick No. 15 in the 2010 NAB AFL Draft.