WEST Coast could be headed for a draft bonus this year, with the Eagles having access to a rising Next Generation Academy prospect.

Listen to this week's Road to the Draft podcast to hear the latest about the potential Eagle jumping up NAB AFL Draft boards around the country after an exciting trial match and run of form.

Plus all the news about the delayed under-19 championships, the South Australian draft hopefuls making their mark, and an interview with potential top-five pick Finn Callaghan, who shares his rich sporting bloodlines.

Tune in for the latest in the world of the draft, trade and player movement space as draft prospects, club list managers and recruiters join Cal Twomey and Nat Edwards for exclusive interviews.

This week's episode guide…

0:30 – The latest news on where things stand for the NAB AFL Under-19 Championships.

5:00 – The son of a gun and famous name who dominated in South Australia's trial match last week.

9:00 – Is this forward the next West Coast draft gun? Get to know more about the Eagles' Next Generation Academy prospect rising up draft boards.

12:20 – The brother of a young Sydney midfielder whose draft stocks continue to build.

13:40 – Possible top-five pick Finn Callaghan joins the show.

16:00 – Callaghan discusses his season and recent injury setback.

19:00 – The AFL stars that Callaghan idolises and the mid-season surprise for him.

25:10 – Callaghan chats through his athletic family links, including Western Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge.

27:05 – The trick lesson Callaghan learned from his father, former Commonwealth Games runner Brett.

30:30 – The traits that make Callaghan stand out as a high-quality draftee.