CALLUM Ah Chee is Brisbane's 'Mr Fix-It'.

This season alone the 23-year-old has spent considerable time at half-back, played at half-forward and the past three weeks has been used as a wingman.

He'll often play multiple roles within the one game.

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In many ways the versatility fits his personality.

Quietly spoken and humble, Ah Chee is as much a "do whatever the team needs" person as any player on the Lions' list.

Brisbane's Callum Ah Chee gets a kick away under pressure from Collingwood's Steele Sidebottom and Chris Mayne in R3, 2021. Picture: AFL Photos

He is genuinely not concerned about statistics and told he was at peace with being moved all over the field if that helped winning.

"For me it's a bit of a blessing," Ah Chee said.

"I just go in knowing that if I perform my role, the team is happy, the coach is happy, I'm happy.

"'Fages' [coach Chris Fagan] says I should feel good that I'm able to play different roles and that I know the gameplan in three different zones.

"He's helped me come to terms with that and put confidence in me that not everyone can do it."

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Ever since Fagan arrived at the Lions almost five years ago he's been big on multi-positional players, and the likes of Zac Bailey, Hugh McCluggage and Jarrod Berry fit that mould, but Ah Chee's defence-wing-forward combination is different.

He has been a constant in Brisbane's team since heading north late in 2019 following four seasons with Gold Coast.

After missing the opening round of 2020, the No.8 pick from the 2015 NAB AFL Draft has missed just one more game – for the birth of his first child ahead of round 18 this year.

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Injuries dogged him at the Suns, playing 45 games across those four years, but the talent was always there.

"It was tough to move at the start," he said.

"I didn't make the decision lightly.

"It was difficult knowing you've spent four years building relationships at one club and you get settled. It's your home, you're there every day around the same blokes.

Callum Ah Chee playing for Gold Coast in 2018. Picture: AFL Photos

"Ever since I got to Brisbane it's been awesome though, everyone is so welcoming.

"It's home now. I've bought a place here, me and my partner have had a little bub.

"The club's been fantastic. I can come to training every day and can just be myself."

Ah Chee is exceptional overhead for his 182cm frame, disciplined, clean at ground level and an excellent ball user.

It's the type of skill-set that has made him a lock in Brisbane's 22, despite not finding that one 'home' on-field.

"I still feel like I've got a lot to offer," he said.

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"I know I haven't played my best football, I've just showed it in glimpses.

"I'm used to the system now and getting more and more confident every day.

"I know how our club works and how our team works together and I'm at terms with that now and feel good about it.

"All I wanted as a kid was to play in the AFL, so playing for the Brissie Lions is like a dream."