IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Riley Beveridge join all the dots on football's big issues.


- The Toby Greene ban: What the AFL should have done
- The problem when a Tribunal hearing is based upon the definitions of four adjectives
- Troubles at Carlton: You’ve got a CEO who is having his place questioned … and again the president is saying nothing
- Craig McRae to coach Pies: A 'great footy person' with a big job
- A Grand idea: Every five or six years the GF should be on the road

In this episode ... 

0:40 – Toby' Greene's three-match ban

1:39 – The case for Greene's suspension to be longer

4:33 – Damo's concern with the AFL's judicial system

7:37 – Why Giants had a 'throw at the stumps from deep midwicket'

9:26 – Gerard Healy turns down offer to be on Carlton's coach committee

11:03 – What will Carlton's 'process' for choosing a new coach be?

14:17 – Announcement of Craig McCrae as Pies boss imminent

15:53 – Should the AFL continue to host some Grand Finals away from the MCG?