COLLINGWOOD draftee Cooper Murley missed the joy of hearing his name called out during last week's NAB AFL Draft because he was in the bathroom. 

Murley was selected by the Pies at pick No.49, but the 18-year-old had no idea which club he was heading to when he was mobbed by his family as he emerged from the bathroom.

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"I was actually in the toilet at the moment my name was called," Murley told Collingwood Media.

"Walking out (of the bathroom) and having all my family jumping all over me is something I won't forget anytime soon - it was by far one of the most surreal moments of my life.

"I had a pretty good idea about what had happened with everyone going mental.

"Before I went to the toilet I didn't actually look at who had the next pick, so I was trying to get around people to the TV to see who I'd been picked up by.

"When I saw it was Collingwood I was rapt."

The small midfielder from South Australia jumped on a plane three days later and has moved in to Taylor Adams' place with fellow draftee Harvey Harrison.

"My girlfriend and my family have been very understanding, they know this is something I've wanted for so long," Murls said.

"There were a few tears at the airport on Sunday afternoon but they're so happy for me.

"I have the pleasure of living with Taylor Adams - since me and Harvey (Harrison) rocked up at his place he's been so welcoming."

Murley said day one at the club was an 'eye opener', but is looking forward to showing Pies fans what he is capable of. 

"Being around Pendles, Howey, Maynard ... you watch those guys on TV and to be out there training with them and to see their standards and their work ethic at training is eye opening," he said.

"I want to implement that into my game as well.

"I hope Pies fans will see me as an excitement machine and I want to build on my strengths - my speed, agility and endurance."