THANKS in no small part to "best mate" Taylor Walker, Adelaide defender Matthew Jaensch is in love again. 
Walker didn't reunite Jaensch with a former flame or a lost family member, but the goal-kicking ace's advice led him to a brilliant discovery; Jaensch actually loves playing footy again.
The 24-year-old has proved one of Brenton Sanderson's most valuable contributors off half-back this year, and he has re-ignited a career that was threatening to quietly burn out.
Jaensch managed just 11 games for the Crows in 2013, but never gathered more than 20 possessions and was goalless for all but two outings.
He spent more time playing for Sturt in the SANFL than at AFL level, and, in the lead up to Adelaide's sold-out clash against West Coast on Saturday, told his passion for the game wavered.
After speaking to Walker about his situation, Jaensch decided he had to limit his time at the club and work smarter, not harder. 
"Last year, being in and out of the side, you sort of fall out of love with the game and you don't really enjoy what you're doing," Jaensch said.
"I play this game for fun; everything else that comes with it is good as well, but I play it because I actually love the game.
"My best mate is 'Tex' and he was someone I spoke to at the end of last year – I was spending too much time at the club thinking about it and doing extras, whereas now I've got a good balance.
"My time spent at the club is spent all on footy, I don't really come here early just for the sake of it. When I'm here I'm working, and then I get away."
Jaensch's form this season showcases his improved mindset.
Not only has he played every game for the Crows, but he's averaging 21 disposals; seven of his top 10 most prolific performances have come this year.
He's also sitting second at the club behind League-leader Brodie Smith for rebound 50s.
Jaensch remains out of contract for next year, but said he was simply focused on finishing 2014 strongly.
Given his resurgence, a new deal appears to be inevitable.
"I'm sure in time it'll get done – I'm not too bothered right now," he said.
"I know that if I keep playing the way I'm playing, it'll all look after itself.
"It'd be good to have some security, but at the same time I'm just happy playing footy at the moment."
Jaensch may have straightened his football out, but he's still rated right up there as one of the Crows' biggest pests.
His pranks are infamous at West Lakes and often, albeit temporarily, enrage his teammates.
Earlier this season, Daniel Talia fell victim to a game of "ding-dong-dash", where Jaensch repeatedly rang his doorbell before hiding in the bushes.
His favourite though was the day he sought revenge on Kurt Tippett for pushing him into the pool, fully clothed – soaking his phone and wallet. 
"I parked his car in a 15-minute park for the whole day," Jaensch said.
"I think he got about 200 bucks worth of fines; I was pretty happy with that."