SYDNEY SWANS coach John Longmire believes the AFL needs to look at providing coaches with security after matches after Hawthorn counterpart Alastair Clarkson's altercation with a fan. 

Clarkson forcefully pushed a Port Adelaide fan away after being harassed outside his team hotel following the Hawks' eight-point loss on Saturday night. 

The fact that the issue even needs to be discussed is a shame, Longmire said.

"On match days when you're at the ground it's pretty good, there's terrific security provided by the AFL, but once the siren goes and you're walking with your family to your car, that needs to be looked at," he said. 

"You need to aware of where you go and what you do, and these things make you reassess that, which is a little bit sad."

Longmire revealed on Monday that he'd been involved in his own post-match incident this season, but refused to go into detail about who or what it involved.

"It's all a bit of a learning curve for everyone, I guess, as far as coaches and players, that you have to be really mindful after games," Longmire said. 

"I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago when I walked back from the ground but you have to be mindful of that, clearly, and that's just the way it has to be," Longmire said.

Clarkson and Longmire have been close friends since their playing days together at North Melbourne, but the Swans coach refused to weigh in on the controversy surrounding the dual Hawks premiership counterpart.

"It's very hard to comment on a 20-second clip you see on television, and you don't know the lead-in to it," Longmire said.

"You don't know what happened off camera that wasn't shown, and it's very difficult to have a strong comment on what Alastair has done unless you've walked in those shoes."