THE SET-AND-FORGET ruck line-up was looking relatively solid heading into round six with Brodie Grundy and Max Gawn doing their thing.

Unfortunately, Tim English, who had proven to be one of the picks of the year, has injured his hamstring and missed on the weekend. Braydon Preuss has been a great selection in the games he’s played and may now be one of the most important players in Toyota AFL Fantasy Classic.

Calvin and Warnie received news that Grundy's injury could see him out for quite a few weeks mid-podcast and thought on their feet as to what they could do.

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Part of the plan would be to upgrade in the midfield which many coaches are looking at this week.

Callum Mills is coming off a great game and is a potential option as is Clayton Oliver, who takes on Mills' round six opponent Hawthorn. The Hawks have been a friendly match-up for opposition midfielders.

It's a big week for trading with cash cows ready to cull on the Official AFL Fantasy Podcast.

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In this week’s episode …

1:30 - Calvin is in the green vest.

3:15 - We hear from Roy about his son's team which is ranked 150th overall.

6:30 - The Patrick Cripps hold was a winner for Warnie.

9:10 - After a massive quarter, Jack Macrae was looking good as VC then fell in a hole on Mars.

12:25 - Calvin was happy with his round six captain selections.

14:00 - Rucks are proving to be an issue out of the weekend.

17:00 - Expect Greg Clark to get his first game for the Eagles on Friday.

22:30 - Priorities of Cash Cows to cash out.

24:00 - The best midfielders to upgrade to.

26:00 - Calvin called Warnie to look after his loophole on Saturday afternoon...

27:55 - Breaking news that Brodie Grundy is potentially out for 10-12 weeks.

31:00 - Patrick Cripps is still a value pick.

33:25 - Grundy trade plans.

35:00 - Are Connor Rozee and Keidean Coleman options?

37:15 - Bye round planning.

40:00 - The Traders' round seven trades.

42:10 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

44:45 - Is Ollie Wines a good pick?

47:40 - Touk Miller or Clayton Oliver?

52:30 - Calvin isn't happy with Warnie owning Jake Bowey and getting 92.

56:40 - Noah Anderson could be a selection for those tight for cash.

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