FOR MANY Toyota AFL Fantasy Classic coaches, trades at this stage of the season can be luxury trades but they don't always work out how you expect.

A catch-cry of many coaches is how they've got "completed teams", meaning they've upgraded all their rookies and cash cows and are rocking with 22 premiums.

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Roy made a luxury trade last week moving James Sicily out of his team for Jordan Dawson. On paper, this looked like a great move. For the previous three rounds, if Roy had Dawson instead of Sicily, he would have gained 102 points. Unfortunately, Sicily outscored Dawson by 33 points in round 17.

And so starts the luxury trade curse!

On the latest episode of the Official AFL Fantasy Podcast, The Traders chat through all the issues coming out of the weekend and look ahead to round 18 with many leagues only having two rounds to go before their finals start.

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In this week’s episode…

1:00 - After making Lachie Neale his No.1 captain, people want Calvin's head.

5:00 - Roy ends up in the green vest after a weekend to forget.

8:10 - Mitch Duncan's junk time was celebrated as he racked up 45 points during time-on in the last quarter.

14:15 - Luxury trade time saw Roy's James Sicily to Jordan Dawson move was a negative 33 point return.

20:00 - Will Clayton Oliver play after thumb surgery?

28:30 - Harry Himmelberg was the most relevant name alongside Rowan Marshall in the DPP addition.

32:00 - Are taggers back in vogue?

38:45 - The Traders' trades.

41:00 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

44:30 - Who goes first: Patrick Cripps or Nick Daicos?

52:00 - Should Tom Mitchell be on the chopping block?

55:40 - "I just can't bring myself to trade Will Brodie."

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