A woman holds an orange light as part of the 'Carlton Respects' match in July 1, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

ALL 18 AFL clubs will come together in a coordinated statement this weekend condemning violence against women.

Ahead of all matches in round eight, players, senior coaches and umpires will come together to pay a silent tribute to those women who have lost their lives. 

AFL CEO Andrew Dillon said the industry had an opportunity to make a stand and bring awareness to gender-based violence in Australia. 

"When it comes to violence against women, the only acceptable figure is zero," Dillon said.

"This weekend we will unite and remember all the women who have been killed as a result of gender-based violence and stand in solidarity in committing to do more to stop this community-wide problem.

"We also understand our industry still has work to do, but we are committed to continuing to educate, to take action and even more conscious of that we must work harder than ever. All men are responsible for doing better.

"I want thank our clubs, players, umpires and the wider industry for coming together to highlight an issue that needs serious attention."


The move comes as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese pledged to invest almost $1 billion in a 'leaving violence' payment for women after he led a snap national cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Albanese attended a march last weekend amid growing community concern about the rates of violence against women in Australia. So far this year, a woman has been violently killed every four days, a much higher rate than previous years.

A Carlton player ahead of the 'Carlton Respects' match in July 1, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

Earlier on Wednesday, Collingwood coach Craig McRae applauded the move after West Coast chief executive Don Pyke made the initial call to take a public stand.

"We're here to represent our broader community and I'd like to think that we can role-model behaviour," McRae on Wednesday.

"Inside our four walls, we talk all the time about being a great dad, or being a great husband, or whatever it looks like for the community."

Collingwood will face off against rivals Carlton at the MCG on Friday night.

Established in 2016, the Blues have developed a 'Carlton Respects' program that aims to nurture equality and respect in schools, workplaces, and the general community.

Carlton board member Patty Kinnersly is also chief executive of Our Watch, a leader in the prevention of violence against women and their children in Australia.

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