FREMANTLE midfielder Stephen Hill has turned to teammate Ryan Crowley for advice on how to break free of the heavy tags he has been subject to this season.

On the eve of his 100th game, the 23-year-old revealed that he was receiving advice from one of the AFL's best stoppers, Crowley, in order to better cope with the close attention.

"Ryan Crowley has been helping me out a lot," Hill said at a media conference on Tuesday.

"He's just given me advice on things he finds difficult when he plays on opposition players. During training he helps me out."

Hill said that Crowley had not broken the taggers' code by giving away trade secrets but the advice was more tailored towards beating a close-checking player.

"It's not what they will do. He's just given me advice on how to beat them," Hill said.

"Just finding out about things that opponents do that he finds hard.

"Things like getting lots of blocks from other teammates.

"So I try to get teammates to help me out and also just doing little things like running around and finding space, finding my own footy."

Hill felt Crowley was one of the best in the league at negating the influence of key opposition midfielders.

"I think he does his role really well. He's a really hard worker and he just gets the job done," he said.

The pacy left-footer also rated St Kilda's Clint Jones as one of his toughest opponents. Jones restricted Hill to just 12 possessions in Fremantle's 30-point over the Saints last Sunday.

"Clint Jones is a really good runner, really strong," Hill said.

"There are different types of players that I've got to do different things on and it can be tough at times."

While opposition sides are putting a lot of time into shutting down Hill's influence, he believed Danyle Pearce's arrival had made it tougher to shut down the Dockers' run.

"Danyle is an experienced player now," Hill said.

"He brings a bit of run and carry. He's got a damaging left foot as well.

"So if they're going to tag other players hopefully he can be out there damaging the opposition."

Despite the Dockers sitting in fifth spot, three-and-a-half games clear of West Coast, Hill believes the derby looms as an enormous test for his team.

"Derbies are always dangerous," Hill said.

"It always just lifts up another notch and we know they're going to come out firing and they've got great players.

"Kennedy is in good form so we've just got to make sure we're on our game and get off to a good start and play the way we want to."

Hill said the loss of Luke McPharlin for five weeks with a torn left calf is a huge blow.

"It's a big loss. He's a leader of the club and a great player," Hill said.