ANTHONY Morabito is keeping things in perspective despite doubts over his ability to play at all this season, according to Fremantle coach Ross Lyon.

The luckless 23-year-old has been absent from Fremantle training all year and is not due to return anytime soon.

Lyon revealed earlier this week that Morabito has bone bruising in the knee that he has had reconstructed three times.

Fremantle has engaged Melbourne knee surgeon Julian Feller, as well as experts from London and Perth, to find a solution to Morabito's ongoing soreness, but now the club is playing a waiting game to see if the bruising will settle.

Lyon revealed he had lunch with Morabito last Friday, and said the youngster has things firmly in perspective.

"He's really resilient and it's a really tough period for Anthony," Lyon said on Wednesday.

"Anthony is a really strong character. He hasn't wobbled at all and we just stay in the moment.

"I spent two hours with him over lunch. We didn't even talk about 2016.

"We just spoke about how uni is going. He said, 'it's given me a good focus, I will finish by the end of the year. I'm doing boxing, I'm (on the) bike'.

"He said, 'I've been through it before, I'm pretty strong, obviously I'm disappointed, but I will work through'."

Lyon said the club has been very flexible with Morabito to allow him to work through his rehab at his own pace.

"We offer great flexibility in his program," Lyon said.

"He's not in here every day. He comes in and works with our conditioning staff and our physios.

"He gives them feedback on how he's progressing, and we try to stay in the moment with Anthony.

"Everyone wants to catastrophise everything, but life is not like that.

"He puts it into context that this is just a football injury and says, 'I look around me and I see real tragedy'. So he's in pretty good shape."

Morabito signed a one-year contract at the end of last season after making a remarkable comeback to AFL football. He played three games in 2014 following three successive knee reconstructions that had kept him out of the big time since 2010.

Teammate Michael Johnson backed Morabito to keep fighting.

"I don't think he'll give up this easy," Johnson said on Tuesday.

"Knowing Anthony, he'll want to keep going because he's still young as well. He's got plenty of footy left in him and all he's got to do is just relax and get his knee right and he should be fine."