LET'S GET INTO IT: Cal Twomey, Sarah Olle and Riley Beveridge bring you AFL Exchange. Picture: AFL Digital

TWO TEAMS' 2022 campaigns ended over the weekend with Richmond and the Western Bulldogs no longer contenders this year. 

Of the six remaining teams, has there been a change in who you have as this year's premier? Did the Swans change your mind? How tough will it be for Melbourne to go back-to-back? Is the dream run over for Collingwood? And what about the army of Geelong, is this their year? 

Join Sarah Olle, Cal Twomey, and Riley Beveridge this week on AFL Exchange answering that very question as we head towards the semi-final weekend. 

Of the fallen sides, how would you assess the seasons of the Dogs and the Tigers? Will Richmond keep hold of Dustin Martin during this year's Trade Period? And, what can the Dogs look to do to bolster their stocks to push into the top four in 2023? 

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1.20: Did the opening round of the finals change your view on who will win the premiership?  

5.45: What was the best individual storyline of the qualifying and elimination finals?

9.27: Which of the elimination final winners has a bigger chance in the semi-finals?

12.35: SEGMENT – Things That Should Happen

17.00: Who is the most crucial Swan in their flag pursuit?

18.36: What could Melbourne do at the selection table to spin things back in its favour?