CARLTON supporters are eagerly anticipating an improved 2019 campaign, but Adelaide's fans will be just as keen to see how 'phase two' of its rebuild unfolds.

The Crows currently hold both of the Blues' first two picks in next year's NAB AFL Draft, making the fortunes of the two clubs intertwined next season.

EIGHT-POINTERS The games that could shape '19 draft order

They are two of the five clubs that currently hold rival teams' first-round picks in next year's draft following a hectic trade and draft period, with Carlton also holding Adelaide's as part of a live deal on draft night for young midfielder Liam Stocker.

Brisbane has shifted its first-round pick to Gold Coast, but received Collingwood's later down the track, while Greater Western Sydney currently holds Essendon's as part of a trade for star onballer Dylan Shiel.

Here is every pick in the 2019 draft that has already changed hands:

ADEL- Round one pick (tied to Carlton)
- Round two pick (tied to Carlton)
- Round one pick to Carlton
- Round three pick to Carlton 
- Round four pick to Port Adelaide
- Round five pick to Carlton
BL- Round one pick (tied to Collingwood)
- Round two pick (tied to Gold Coast)  
- Round three pick (tied to Fremantle) 
- Round one pick to Gold Coast
- Round four pick to North Melbourne
CARL- Round one pick (tied to Adelaide)
- Round three pick (tied to Adelaide) 
- Round four pick (tied to GWS) 
- Round five pick (tied to Adelaide)
- Round one pick to Adelaide
- Round two pick to GWS 
- Round four pick to Sydney
- Round five pick to Adelaide 
COLL- Round four pick (tied to Hawthorn)- Round one pick to Brisbane 
- Round five pick to Hawthorn
ESS- Round two pick (tied to GWS)
- Round four pick (tied to Fremantle)
- Round one pick to GWS 
FRE- Round three pick to Brisbane 
- Round four pick to Essendon 
GEEL- Round four pick to Richmond
GCFC- Round one pick (tied to Brisbane) 
- Round three pick (tied to Richmond)
- Round five pick (tied to West Coast) 
- Round two pick to Brisbane
- Round three pick to Richmond 
- Round four pick to St Kilda 
GWS- Round one pick (tied to Essendon) 
- Round five pick (tied to Carlton)
- Round two pick to Essendon
- Round four pick to Carlton
HAW- Round three pick (tied to Port Adelaide)
- Round five pick (tied to Collingwood)
- Round three pick to Western Bulldogs
- Round four pick to Collingwood
NMFC- Round four pick (tied to Brisbane)- Round four pick to Port Adelaide
PORT- Round four pick (tied to Hawthorn) 
- Round four pick (tied to North Melbourne)
- Round four pick (tied to Adelaide)
- Round three pick to Hawthorn
RICH- Round three pick (tied to Gold Coast)
- Round four pick (tied to Geelong)
- Round three pick to Gold Coast
STK- Round four pick (tied to West Coast)
- Round four pick (tied to Gold Coast)
- Round two pick to Sydney 
- Round three to Western Bulldogs
- Round four pick to West Coast 
SYD- Round two pick (tied to St Kilda)
- Round three pick (tied to West Coast)
- Round four pick (tied to Carlton)
- Round two pick to West Coast
WCE- Round two pick (tied to Sydney)
- Round four pick (tied to St Kilda)
- Round three pick to Sydney
- Round four pick to St Kilda 
- Round five to Gold Coast
WB- Round three pick (tied to Hawthorn)
- Round three pick (tied to St Kilda) 
- Round four pick to Port Adelaide

* The Giants went into deficit by 44 DVI points to match a bid for Academy prospect Kieren Briggs during the 2018 NAB AFL Draft, meaning 44 points will be deducted from their pick during the corresponding round of next year’s draft. As they have already traded away a future second-round selection in the 2019 draft, the points will be deducted from their third-round selection.


1. 300019. 94837. 48355. 20773. 9
2. 251720. 91238. 46556. 19474. -
3. 223421. 87839. 44657. 182 
4. 203422. 84540. 42958. 170 
5. 187823. 81541. 41259. 158 
6. 175124. 78542. 39560. 146 
7. 164425. 75643. 37861. 135 
8. 155126. 72944. 36262. 123 
9. 146927. 70345. 34763. 112 
10. 139528. 67746. 33164. 101 
11. 132929. 65347. 31665. 90 
12. 126830. 62948. 30266. 80 
13. 121231. 60649. 28767. 69 
14. 116132. 58450. 27368. 59 
15. 111233. 56351. 25969. 49 
16. 106734. 54252. 24670. 39 
17. 102535. 52253. 23371. 29 
18. 98536. 50254. 22072. 19