Jamarra Ugle-Hagan celebrates a goal during the Western Bulldogs' win over Brisbane in round three, 2023 and (inset) Nicky Winmar's famous 1993 moment. Pictures: Daniel Pockett, Getty Images / Wayne Ludbey

I'M PROUD of Jamarra for standing up for himself. It’s up to the new generations to reinforce the stance I made back in 1993. I’m still here, still involved with the issue, but it’s been 30 years now, it’s like a big relay race, time to pass on the baton.

I spoke to Luke Beveridge today, to thank him for supporting Jamarra, and other Indigenous players at the Western Bulldogs. It’s a great club, that I respect. I was welcomed and felt supported when I played for them in 1999.

Things are getting better, with increased awareness, and kids are getting educated in schools now about racism in sport and in society, which is great. There’s still a few who can’t control their negative attitudes, all we can do is keep supporting each other, and keep calling it out.

I also want to congratulate Jamarra for his outstanding on-field performance - 5 goals, keep up the good work!

Nicky Winmar 
Still black and proud 
31st March 2023