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MELBOURNE utility Jeremy Howe is more likely to continue his AFL career elsewhere rather than remain a Demon, his manager has declared.

Howe's manager Ben Niall told NAB AFL Trade Radio on Friday afternoon that the high-flying Demon was considering offers from three other clubs – Gold Coast and two rival Melbourne clubs. 

Howe, who is holidaying in Bali, is expected to make a decision by the middle of next week. 

Niall revealed the Suns had delivered "a really good presentation" to the 25-year-old Tasmanian last week. 

"I think he's more likely to go than stay at this stage," Niall said.

Demons chasing young Pie, Giant

Much of Howe's motivation to test the market stems from frustration over the multitude of roles he has been asked to play with the Demons. This year he played predominantly at half-back, and in the past he has alternated between attack and defence.

He is keen to explore a more flexible, floating role as a wingman or high half-forward in the Jack Gunston mould. 

Niall also rubbished claims that Howe was seeking a deal worth $600,000 a season.

"We've never put a figure out there," Niall said. "The figure that was put in the paper was ridiculous. He's not a mercenary person whatsoever.

"What we're looking for is, if he gets in the right environment and he can play in one role, which has been an issue for him, and master that role, because he's got enormous capacities, the money will take care of itself.

"He is an elite endurance runner – he runs a 9.50 (over) 3km – and he's a dominant repeat sprinter. Heritier Lumumba, who's another one of my clients, who was number one at Collingwood, Jeremy smashed him off the park.

"He's got an amazing capacity to get up and down the ground as a wingman or as a high half-forward. 

"We think, and a lot of the clubs we've spoken to, have got more of a Jack Gunston-type of role for him to use his tool kit."

Howe has played exactly 100 games and kicked 80 goals in five seasons with Melbourne after being the No.33 pick in the 2010 NAB AFL Draft.

"Jeremy would be the first to admit that the first hundred games he hasn't got the best out of himself," Niall said. "What he'd like to do is make sure, wherever he goes, is that his next hundred games are elite."