Andrew Brayshaw in action during round six, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

ANDREW Brayshaw has avoided a sanction for his bump on Tom Liberatore during Friday's match between Fremantle and the Western Bulldogs.

Liberatore was left concussed after the incident, and will miss next week's clash against Hawthorn.

The match review officer concluded that Brayshaw's contact was "reasonable", and the "contact was caused by circumstances outside the control of Brayshaw".


Fremantle's Sam Sturt was fined $3000 - reduced to $2000 with an early plea - for tripping Adam Treloar during the second quarter of the match

Match review explanation of the Brayshaw-Liberatore incident:

The incident involving the Fremantle’s Andrew Brayshaw and the Western Bulldogs’ Tom Liberatore from the fourth quarter of Friday night's match was assessed. The ball bounces out of a stoppage away from Fremantle’s Michael Walters and Liberatore, and towards Brayshaw. As both Brayshaw and Liberatore approach the ball, Walters applies considerable pressure to Liberatore’s back as Brayshaw lowers to contest the ball and high contact is made. It is the view of the MRO that it was reasonable for Brayshaw to contest the ball in the way that he did and that contact was caused by circumstances outside the control of Brayshaw. No further action was taken.