WAYNE Carey says his conversation with Glenn Archer was fantastic and is glad it happened ahead of North Melbourne's premiership reunion.

Two of the Kangaroos' most famous players sat down in Bali for an extended chat ahead of the 20-year reunion of the 1996 premiership team.

Carey and Archer spectacularly fell out after Carey's extra-marital affair with Kelli Stevens became public knowledge in early 2002.

The scandal, involving the wife of their teammate Anthony Stevens, rocked the AFL and Carey immediately left the club in disgrace.

While Carey and Archer have spoken since, Carey confirmed their Bali conversation was much more in-depth.

"I've said it openly before, it's an ongoing process for me, but it felt really good afterwards," Carey told Channel Seven's Talking Footy.

"I'm glad I did it and I'm looking forward to the reunion on Saturday afternoon.

"It was a really positive thing, which was great."

The 1996 premiership team will have a reunion on Saturday, a day after Stevens is elevated to North Melbourne legend status on Friday night at a club function.

Carey, Archer and Stevens were key members of the powerful North team that won the 1996 and 1999 premierships.

"'Arch' and I have seen one another many times, at many different functions, and had a chat," Carey said.

"But I was able to sit down and have an in-depth chat with Arch about all things that have transpired over the last 14 years.

"It was a really good thing."

Carey said he had not wanted to discuss the catch-up at all, but it became public knowledge over the weekend.

He and Archer were holidaying separately in Bali and contact was made once it emerged they were there at the same time.