ADELAIDE'S Crouch brothers need to collect a combined 60 disposals against West Coast in Perth on Sunday to set a unique record held by Port Adelaide's Cornes brothers.

Sixty touches between them would see the Beaufort ball magnets pass a record the Cornes brothers set in 2007 when playing for the cross-town rivals of the most combined total disposals by brothers in a home and away season.

Matt and Brad have had 1,115 disposals between them this season, but Champion Data statistics show they are a chance to pass the combined total of 1,174 disposals Kane and Chad set in 2007.

The Crouches need just 17 to move past Adam and Joel Selwood into second place. 

Adam was playing for West Coast and Joel with Geelong when they accumulated 1,131 touches in 2009. 

It's likely the Crow siblings' record chase will go down to the wire.

Last week against the Swans, the Crouches collected exactly 60 disposals between them.

The duo has managed at least 60 touches in 10 of the 16 games they have played alongside each other in 2016, but only exceeded the figure in four of their past 10 games.

Kane and Chad Cornes won plenty of disposals for the Power. Picture: AFL Photos

Both brothers have been impressive for the Crows this season, but Matt has led the way, averaging 32 disposals a game.

The 22-year-old has exceeded 30 disposals a game in the past seven rounds and racked up 681 disposals for the year.  

Brad, 24, did not play his first game for the season until round five, but has collected at least 20 disposals in each of his 16 games, giving the Crows great drive.

 Best brothers
Total disposalsPlayerDisposalsPlayerDisposalsYear
1,174Kane Cornes (PA)612Chad Cornes (PA) 5922007
1,131Adam Selwood (WC)515 Joel Selwood (Geel)6162009
1,115Brad Crouch (Adel)434Matt Crouch (Adel) 6812017
1,065Joel Selwood (Geel)511Scott Selwood (WC) 5542012
1,009Kane Cornes (PA)597Chad Cornes (PA) 4122006
1,994Joel Selwood (Geel)544Scott Selwood (WC) 4602013
983Adam Selwood (WC)379Joel Selwood (Geel) 6042010
981Kane Cornes (PA)595Chad Cornes (PA) 3862007
975Andrew Swallow (NMFC)562 David Swallow (GCFC)4132011
946Rhyce Shaw (Syd)532Heath Shaw (Coll) 4142009
944Shaun Burgoyne (PA)420 Peter Burgoyne (PA)5242007
937Patrick Bowden (Rich) 442 Joel Bowden (Rich)495 2006 
931Sam Power (NMFC) 389Luke Power (BL) 5422008

- Stats supplied by Champion Data