James Sicily leads his team onto the field during the R13 match between Hawthorn and Brisbane at the MCG on June 10, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

THE LAST few rounds of the season are all about fixture trading. That is, bringing in players who have good match-ups. Enter Cal's Scale of Hardness.

The Scale crunches numbers based on what teams give up to each position on field. For example, the Eagles are an easy match-up for just about every position but he's found that the Saints give up plenty to defenders while North Melbourne is a happy hunting ground for midfielders.

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Hawthorn has one of the best runs for defenders and James Sicily coming off his three-match suspension should have a big game this weekend and in the coming weeks. Following on from Jack Steele's 146, now is a great time to launch into the Saint as their run of games looks tasty for midfielders.

While the Scale of Hardness is, apparently, a no-fail approach to trading, it should be used hand-in-hand with aiming for players who are going to be the top of their line. That is where Roy's Rollin' 22 comes in. He reveals who he thinks will be the top players for each position for the rest of the season.

The Traders run through popular trades for round 18 and answer plenty of your questions on this week's episode of Official AFL Fantasy Podcast.

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In this week's episode …

1:30 - Roy nearly hit 2500 this week which saw him move up the rankings.

4:15 - Calvin took on Nick Daicos' 112 and enjoyed 128 from Jordan Dawson.

7:00 - "Activate junk" – Tom Stewart scored 41 points in time on in the last quarter.

10:25 - The base score needed from Harry Himmelberg is a 90 now.

13:15 - Scott Pendlebury has the record for most disposals, but his Fantasy numbers are next level.

18:00 - Hear the votes in the Michael Barlow Medal which saw Will Ashcroft get a few points back on Harry Sheezel.

21:00 - Any concerns that Rowan Marshall might share some ruck time?

25:30 - New dual-positions have been revealed.

29:30 - James Sicily is the second most traded in player this week and is a great option for your backline with their run coming up.

33:45 - "We are back in" – Jack Steele had a big score on the weekend and should be a trade target.

40:15 - What scenarios can your trade in Tristan Xerri?

44:20 - Calvin looks at the Scale of Hardness for players who have a great run coming up.

49:40 - Roy announces his current Rollin' 22.

53:00 - Tim Taranto is still the No.1 FWD, but Errol Gulden is now second.

55:00 - The boys reveal their trades.

57:10 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter, @aflfantasy on Instagram and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

1:00:30 - "No". Calvin isn't a fan of Bailey Scott.

1:05:50 - Zach Merrett or Sam Docherty?

1:09:20 - Is Caleb Daniel an option with DEF/FWD status?

1:14:30 - Roy says you can trade down to Tristan Xerri to bank some cash.

1:17:15 - Who goes first: Angus Sheldrick or Marcus Windhager?

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