DUSTIN Martin will not face criminal charges over a restaurant incident in which he threatened to stab a woman with a chopstick. 

Victoria Police investigated the incident at the Mr Miyagi restaurant and bar in Chapel Street, Windsor and determined that no criminal offence took place. 

In a statement released on Tuesday night, a Victoria Police spokesperson said: "Detectives from Stonnington Criminal Investigation Unit have conducted an extensive investigation after reports a woman was threatened by a man at a Chapel Street restaurant in Windsor on 5 December.

"After reviewing CCTV footage and speaking to all parties involved, including numerous independent witnesses at the restaurant on the night, investigators determined that no criminal offence took place.

"Police take all reports of violence towards women seriously and investigate all complaints thoroughly."

The conclusion of the police investigation allows the AFL and Richmond to consider potential sanctions against the 24-year-old.

The League acknowledged the police investigation on Tuesday evening, saying in a statement that it would 'now determine if any action is required under the AFL's rules around player conduct'.

Martin, who is known to lead a vibrant social life and has been sanctioned before for off-field exploits, was drinking at the restaurant's bar when he became unruly.

He had also been drinking before arriving and had attended the Stereosonic music festival earlier in the day.

Martin was eventually asked to leave the restaurant after the altercation with the female customer, who was identified only as "Tracey" by Channel Seven in an interview two days after the incident.

She said in the interview that she had noticed a "rather inebriated" Martin drinking shots at the bar and going "in and out of the bathroom".

After telling him to reel in his boisterous behaviour, she said the midfielder became aggressive.

"He reacted extremely angrily and was very agitated, he began swearing at me and standing over me physically. It was extremely intimidating," she told Channel Seven. 

"He physically stood over me and held a chopstick above my head and threatened to stab me in the face with the chopstick.

"He said, 'Are you going to dob on me?' and I said, 'Well, I will be calling the club on Monday', to which he reacted by slamming his hand next to my head into the wall, which at that point was obviously extremely terrifying."

The Tigers said in a statement on the Monday after the incident that the woman had accepted Martin's apology.

"Regrettably, I was intoxicated and that in itself is completely unacceptable," Martin said in the statement. 

"I do, however, take responsibility for my behaviour and I am deeply embarrassed. 

"If anything I have said or done has caused anyone to feel threatened then that is totally inappropriate."