(L-R): Ash Brazill, Montana McKinnon, Kirsty Lamb and Aliesha Newman. Pictures: AFL Photos

THE 2023 AFLW trade period closed with a bang on Thursday afternoon, thanks to an 11-club, 12-player, 24-pick deal.

With so many picks and players changing clubs since the window opened last week, check out your club's complete list of ins and outs.

Picks that clubs received but then used in subsequent trades have been omitted. 

In: Picks 22 (from the Western Bulldogs), 26 (from Melbourne) and 33 (from Essendon)

Out: Montana McKinnon (to Richmond) and picks 18 (to Port Adelaide), 37 (to Essendon), and 40 (to Melbourne)

In: Shanae Davison and Eleanor Hartill (both from West Coast), and picks 21 (from Port Adelaide), 31 (from Collingwood), 34 (from GWS), 36 (from Geelong), 46 (from Fremantle), 57 (from Geelong), 68 (from Collingwood), 73 from (Sydney)

Out: Zimmorlei Farquharson (to the Western Bulldogs), Kiara Hillier (to Sydney), Analea McKee (to the Western Bulldogs), Courtney Murphy (to GWS), Mikayla Pauga (to GWS), Bella Smith (to Geelong), and Ella Smith (to Gold Coast), and picks 12 (to Melbourne), 32 (to Geelong), 39 (to GWS), and 73 (to GWS) 

In: Tarni Brown (from Collingwood), Yasmin Duursma (from Port Adelaide), and Celine Moody (from the Western Bulldogs), and pick 48 (from Collingwood)

Out: Annie Lee (to Collingwood), Vaomua Laloifi (to the Western Bulldogs), and Paige Trudgeon (to St Kilda), and picks 21 (to Port Adelaide) and 47 (to North Melbourne)

In: Kalinda Howarth (from Gold Coast), Mikayla Hyde (from Fremantle) and Annie Lee (from Carlton), and picks nine (from Richmond), 29 (from Richmond) and 59 (from North Melbourne)

Out: Ash Brazill (to Fremantle) and Tarni Brown (to Carlton), and picks 11 (to Richmond), 48 (to Carlton), 59 (to Gold Coast) and 68 (to Brisbane)

In: Maddi Gay (from Melbourne) and Bess Keaney (from Gold Coast), and picks 19 (from Melbourne), 37 (from Adelaide) and 72 (from Gold Coast)

Out: Picks 13 (to Richmond), 33 (to Adelaide) and 53 (to Gold Coast)

In: Ash Brazill (from Collingwood), Aisling McCarthy (from West Coast) and Gabby Newton (from the Western Bulldogs), and picks 52 (from GWS), 61 (from the Western Bulldogs) and 73 (from GWS)

Out: Mikayla Hyde (to Collingwood) and Roxanne Roux (to West Coast), and picks six (to the Western Bulldogs), 27 (to West Coast), 46 (to Brisbane), 51 (to the Western Bulldogs), 61 (to GWS) and 66 (to GWS)

In: Bella Smith (from Brisbane), and picks 32 (from Brisbane) and 41 (from Brisbane)

Out: Annabel Johnson (to West Coast), picks 36 (to Brisbane) and 57 (to Brisbane)

In: Katie Lynch (from the Western Bulldogs), Ella Smith (from Brisbane) and Charlotte Wilson (from Melbourne), and picks 27 (from West Coast), 35 (from North Melbourne), 44 (from Port Adelaide, 53 (from Essendon), 55 (from Sydney) and 59 (from Collingwood)

Out: Lauren Ahrens (to the Western Bulldogs), Giselle Davies (to Sydney), Alison Drennan (to West Coast), Kalinda Howarth (to Collingwood), Bess Keaney (to Essendon), Jasmyn Smith (to the Western Bulldogs), and picks 14 (to Sydney), 27 (to North Melbourne) and 72 (to Essendon)

In: Courtney Murphy (from Brisbane), Aliesha Newman (from Sydney), Mikayla Pauga (from Brisbane), and picks 39 (from Brisbane), 52 (from Fremantle), 69 (from Richmond) and 73 (from Fremantle)

Out: Rene Caris (to St Kilda), Ally Dallaway and Jodie Hicks (both to Richmond), and picks 24 (to Brisbane), 43 (to Richmond), 61 (to Fremantle), 66 (to Fremantle)

In: Casey Sherriff and Eliza West (both from Melbourne, and pick 16 (from Melbourne)

Out: Picks five and 26 (both to Melbourne)

In: Lily Johnson (from Port Adelaide), and picks five (from Hawthorn), 12 (from Brisbane), 23 (from West Coast) and 40 (from Adelaide)

Out: Libby Birch (to North Melbourne), Maddi Gay (to Essendon) Casey Sheriff (to Hawthorn), Eliza West (to Hawthorn) and Charlotte Wilson (to Gold Coast), and picks 16 (to Hawthorn), 35 (to North Melbourne) and 56 (to Port Adelaide)

In: Libby Birch (from Melbourne), and picks 25 (from Carlton), 27 (from Gold Coast), and 47 (from Carlton)

Out: Ellie Gavalas (to the Western Bulldogs), and picks 19 (to Melbourne), 38 (to Gold Coast), 52 (to St Kilda) and 59 (to Collingwood)

In: Kirsty Lamb (from the Western Bulldogs), and picks 18 (from Adelaide), 24 (from West Coast) and 56 (from Melbourne)

Out: Yasmin Duursma (to Carlton) and Lily Johnson (to Melbourne), and picks four (to the Western Bulldogs), 25 (to Carlton) and 44 (to Gold Coast)

In: Montana McKinnon (from Adelaide), Jodie Hicks (from GWS), Ally Dallaway (from GWS), and picks 13 (from Essendon) and 43 (from GWS)

Out: Picks 9 (to Collingwood), 30 (to GWS) and 69 (to GWS)

In: Paige Trudgeon (from Carlton) and Rene Caris (from GWS)

Out: Pick 31 (to Collingwood)

In: Kiara Hillier (from Brisbane), Giselle Davies (from Gold Coast) and pick 30 (from GWS)

Out: Aliesha Newman (to GWS), and picks 34 (to GWS), 55 (to Gold Coast) and 73 (to Brisbane)

In: Roxanne Roux (from Fremantle), Annabel Johnson (from Geelong), Alison Drennan (from Gold Coast), and picks 14 (from Gold Coast) and 38 (from Gold Coast), Jess Hosking (from Richmond, as a delisted free agent)

Out: Aisling McCarthy (to Fremantle), Shanae Davison (to Brisbane), Eleanor Hartill (to Brisbane), and picks 23 (to Melbourne)

In: Zimmorlei Farquharson (from Brisbane), Vaomua Laloifi (from Carlton), Ellie Gavalas (from North Melbourne) Lauren Ahrens (from Gold Coast), Jasmyn Smith (from Gold Coast), and picks 4 (from Port Adelaide), 11 (from Richmond), 6 (from Fremantle) and 51 from (Fremantle)

Out: Celine Moody (to Carlton), Kirsty Lamb (to Port Adelaide), Katie Lynch to (Gold Coast), Gabrielle Newton (to Fremantle), Analea McKee (to Brisbane), and picks 22 (to Adelaide), 41 (to Brisbane) and 61 (to Fremantle)