Risk management is an important aspect of running a club and ensuring a safe environment for all club members and stakeholders.

Risk management is the process of identifying a risk and putting in place strategies to minimise or eliminate the risk.

Risk management is not a complicated process and will protect the club and its members against the following risks:

  • Financial and asset risks
  • Governance risks
  • Brand/reputation risks
  • Member health and safety risks

There are four steps in the risk management process.

  1. Identify the risk: Identify what, why and how things can arise
  2. Analyse the risk: consider the consequence and likelihood of the risk in the current environment. Consequence and likelihood may be combined to produce an estimated level of risk.
  3. Evaluate the risk: using the estimated level of risk, evaluate the level of risk. If the levels of the risk are low, then it may not need action beyond its current controls.
  4. Treat the risk: put measures in place to ensure the risk has a minimal impact or is eliminated. Please note that some risks won’t be eliminated due to their nature.

Developing a Risk Register will ensure all risks are monitored and reviewed constantly.