AFLW Prep to Play

The Prep-to-Play resources have been formulated by experts in coaching and sports medicine, to further support coaches of females at all levels and which aim to improve football skills, athletic performance and reduce injuries. Use the videos and handouts to help plan your sessions and as an education tool for players.

This program focuses on reducing serious knee and head injuries by:

  1. Improving athlete muscle function and movement quality during change of direction and landing activities.
  2. Improving safe execution of ground balls, aerial contests, tackling and being tackled.

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Why do women need to perform injury reduction programs?

In all sports, women have a 2-5x greater risk of serious knee injury compared to males. In the first 2 AFLW seasons, this rate was higher again.


Greater Risk of ACL Injury for AFLW.



of head injuries in AFLW occur during tackling (or being tackled), ground balls or aerial contests.



of ACL injuries occur in non-contact positions when decelerating and changing direction, or landing on one leg.

Despite limited injury surveillance data, serious knee and head injuries are a priority in community level football

Duty of Care

Coaches have a duty of care to educate players about the effect their body can have on an opponent, and how to protect themselves and their opponent. Coaches also have a duty of care to follow the AFL Community Concussion Guidelines if any player has suffered a concussion or is suspected of having a concussion.

'Prep-to-Play' Skills Videos

It is vital that coaches educate players on the safe technique and execution of the following contested skills and that these are frequently practised at training:

  • Ground Balls
  • Aerial Contests
  • Coaching the Ball Carrier being tackled
  • Coaching the tackler

To view the 'Prep-to-Play' videos on these skills, visit:

'Prep-To-Play' Warm Ups

The ‘Prep-to-Play’ warm-up program is shaped by research and experts in women’s football and injury prevention, and is designed to maximize performance and reduce injuries.

To view the warm-up program, visit: