ST KILDA defender Dylan Roberton could look overseas for a solution to the heart condition that has stalled his AFL career.

Roberton will not play this season after a pre-season recurrence of the heart problem that first emerged last year during a match.

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The 2017 Virgin Australia AFL All Australian nominee hopes to play again next season, but he and medical experts remain unsure about what is wrong with him.

"There is still a lot of work to do in terms of finding a diagnosis," Roberton told Channel Seven.

"I'm not doing much at the moment but hopefully looking to get a couple of opinions and maybe head overseas and see what the go is over there just to get a bit more of an understanding."

Roberton has had a surgical implant in the wake of the first incident.

He said the problem is with the heartbeat rhythm, not the heart itself.

"There's nothing wrong with the muscle ... it's just the electrical side of it," he said.

"They are not sure why it's happening, so hopefully we can find out before the end of the year."