Colby McKercher is interviewed by Cal Twomey and Riley Beveridge on Gettable Draft Countdown on November 16, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

EXPLOSIVE draft prospect Colby McKercher is striving for a round one debut next season as he looks set to be taken within the top five picks at Monday's AFL Draft.

The Tasmanian midfielder has received significant interest from North Melbourne, which hold picks two and three. 

However, McKercher is still uncertain about where he may end up, despite constant communication with the Kangaroos.

"I've had a few good chats with North Melbourne, especially at the Combine as well. I got to meet 'Clarko' (Roos coach Alastair Clarkson), he was a really nice guy. And I had a few good conversations with them during the year," he told's Gettable Draft Countdown on Thursday.

"Everything's been really positive, along with the other clubs I've interviewed with and I've been really pleased with that process.

"I haven't looked at any lists and thought how I might be able to fit in or play.


"I like to stay pretty present and just worry about what's going on in my day to day – at the moment I'm thinking about playing golf this afternoon, not really about the draft on Monday."

McKercher said that he has set a goal of debuting in round one, regardless of which club he ends up at.

"I spoke to Jeromey Webberley (Tasmania coach) about some new goals to set as the season's finished, and that's really one that I want to strive for," he said.

"I know it's going to be really difficult, but I feel as if I put my mind to it I can do anything.

"Round one is something I want to pencil in and work as hard as I can for."


The speedy inside midfielder has featured for both the Tasmanian Devils in the Coates Talent League and the Allies in the national championships, alongside fellow Tasmanian prospects James Leake and Arie Schoenmaker. 

The 18-year-old touched on the connection he has with the duo, which has put them in good stead for the next step in their football careers.

"Me and 'Leakey' are really close mates and we probably train together every day, along with Arie, he lives around the corner," he said.

"We all just train together and do all our running sessions … gym and even recovery (together) as well.

"Most days have been spent with 'Leakey' the last couple of months, just getting prepared."

McKercher has played almost all of his juniors alongside Leake, dating back to under-12s, adding that it will be special to enjoy the draft together next week with both attending the first night on Monday. 

"It's going to be awesome, that's all we've been working towards for not only the last couple of months but the last couple of years since we were children," he said.

"I'm going to be so happy for him, I know how hard he works and all the hours he puts into his craft, so just to see it pay off and the excitement on his face is going to be awesome.

"To share that moment with him is going to be something pretty special and I reckon we'll talk about it when we're older and finished."