Kinnear Beatson of the Sydney Swans on Gettable Draft Countdown, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

THE 'BIDNEY' nickname isn't going anywhere fast.

Last year, opposition recruiters light-heartedly dubbed the Swans as 'Bidney' after an AFL Draft in which the club placed back-to-back Academy and father-son bids on Harry Rowston and Max Michalanney with its first-round picks.

This season, Sydney was at it again. When it came the Swans' time to call on Monday evening, for the second straight year they placed successive bids on Gold Coast's Jake Rogers and the Western Bulldogs' Jordan Croft at picks No.14 and 15 respectively.

Sydney – or 'Bidney' – placed two of the seven bids that came within a jam-packed first round of the draft on Monday night, with five Academy bids matched by rival teams and two father-son bids also matched.

North Melbourne had earlier forced Gold Coast to match a bid on Academy gun Jed Walter at pick No.3, then made Hawthorn match a bid on father-son youngster Will McCabe later in the night at pick No.19.

It means North Melbourne joined Richmond with the most bids placed since the AFL changed the rules around Academy and father-son bidding back in 2015, with both teams having placed nine bids each. Sydney is next with eight.


Geelong placed a top-10 bid on Gold Coast's Ethan Read, Collingwood forced Sydney to match a bid of its own on Caiden Cleary at pick No.24, while Adelaide concluded a massive haul for the Suns by forcing them to match a bid on Will Graham at pick No.26.

All clubs have placed at least one bid on a rival's Academy or father-son product since 2015.

Your club's bidding history

* Denotes a successful bid

Richmond: Nine bids (four successful)
Matthew Kennedy (Pick No.13, 2015)
Eric Hipwood (Pick No.14, 2015)
Bailey Rice (Pick No.49, 2015)
Ryan Garthwaite (Pick No.72, 2016)*
Connor McFadyen (Pick No.42, 2018)
Noah Cumberland (Pick No.43, 2019)*
William Martyn (Pick No.44, 2019)*
Bigoa Nyuon (Pick No.54, 2019)*
Josh Eyre (Pick No.39, 2020)

North Melbourne: Nine bids (three successful)
Corey Wagner (Pick No.43, 2015)*
Declan Watson (Pick No.34, 2016)*
Callum Brown (Pick No.35, 2016)
Josh Williams (Pick No.36, 2016)*
Finn Maginness (Pick No.29, 2019)
Connor Downie (Pick No.35, 2020)
Will Ashcroft (Pick No.2, 2022)
Jed Walter (Pick No.3, 2023)
Will McCabe (Pick No.19, 2023)

Sydney: Eight bids (zero successful)
Jack Bowes (Pick No.10, 2016)
Isaac Cumming (Pick No.20, 2016)
Jackson Mead (Pick No.25, 2019)
Mitchito Owens (Pick No.33, 2021)
Harry Rowston (Pick No.16, 2022)
Max Michalanney (Pick No.17, 2022)
Jake Rogers (Pick No.14, 2023)
Jordan Croft (Pick No.15, 2023)

Essendon: Six bids (two successful)
Jack Silvagni (Pick No.53, 2015)
Kobe Mutch (Pick No.42, 2016)*
Irving Mosquito (Pick No.38, 2018)*
Keidean Coleman (Pick No.37, 2019)
Brandon Walker (Pick No.50, 2020)
Maurice Rioli jnr (Pick No.51, 2020)

Western Bulldogs: Six bids (one successful)
Ben Keays (Pick No.24, 2015)
Josh Dunkley (Pick No.25, 2015)*
Cody Brand (Pick No.53, 2020)
Joel Western (Pick No.54, 2020)
Josh Fahey (Pick No.42, 2021)
Jaspa Fletcher (Pick No.12, 2022)

Adelaide: Six bids (zero successful)
Harrison Himmelberg (Pick No.16, 2015)
Harry Perryman (Pick No.14, 2016)
Tarryn Thomas (Pick No.8, 2018)
Will Kelly (Pick No.29, 2018)
Jamarra Ugle-Hagan (Pick No.1, 2020)
Will Graham (Pick No.26, 2023) 

Carlton: Four bids (one successful)
Will Setterfield (Pick No.5, 2016)
Harrison Macreadie (Pick No.47, 2016)*
Liam Henry (Pick No.9, 2019)
Tom Green (Pick No.10, 2019)

Geelong: Four bids (zero successful)
Bailey Scott (Pick No.49, 2018)
Errol Gulden (Pick No.32, 2020)
Marcus Windhager (Pick No.47, 2021)
Ethan Read (Pick No.9, 2023)

Greater Western Sydney: Four bids (zero successful)
Nick Blakey (Pick No.10, 2018)
Isaac Quaynor (Pick No.13, 2018)
Reef McInnes (Pick No.23, 2020)
Sam Darcy (Pick No.2, 2021)

Hawthorn: Three bids (one successful)
Matthew Walker (Pick No.63, 2018)*
Braeden Campbell (Pick No.5, 2020)
Alwyn Davey jnr (Pick No.45, 2022)

Collingwood: Three bids (zero successful)
Lachie Jones (Pick No.16, 2020)
Blake Coleman (Pick No.24, 2020)
Caiden Cleary (Pick No.24, 2023)

Melbourne: Three bids (zero successful)
Callum Mills (Pick No.3, 2015)
Matthew Flynn (Pick No.41, 2015)
Rhylee West (Pick No.26, 2018)

Gold Coast: Two bids (zero successful)
Jacob Hopper (Pick No.7, 2015)
Nick Daicos (Pick No.4, 2021)

Brisbane: One bid (zero successful)
Jarrod Cameron (Pick No.39, 2018)

Fremantle: One bid (zero successful)
Connor Ballenden (Pick No.43, 2017)

Port Adelaide: One bid (zero successful)
Tyler Brown (Pick No.50, 2017)

St Kilda: One bid (zero successful)
Patrick Naish (Pick No.34, 2017)

West Coast: One bid (zero successful)
Kieren Briggs (Pick No.34, 2018)