Taylor Adams during Sydney's training session on January 19, 2024. Picture: Phil Hillyard

IF THERE'S one thing The Traders can agree on, it's that the forward line is causing them the biggest headaches this pre-season.

Just two players with forward status averaged more than 90 last season. Jack Macrae is tipped to remain as the top of the line, but are there some question marks over the Bulldog?

Can Sam Flanders continue his epic end-of-season form and come out on top? The Sun joins The Traders on the latest episode of the podcast as he discusses his pre-season and delivers some intel on his teammates.

Value appears to be the play when selecting forwards. Taylor Adams and James Jordon are popular, but they have an early bye. Do we wind back the clock and consider Nat Fyfe if he's getting more midfield time?

At least we’ve got Harley Reid as a lock.

Roy, Calvin and Warnie answer your questions about the hardest position to pick in Classic and one they are far from convinced on with their Draft rankings.

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In this week’s episode …

1:30 - Roy offers up his advice for the forwards with a set of rules.

3:15 - The structure of the forward-line is "nothing to write home about".

6:35 - Nat Fyfe is back in the midfield and in serious contention for a FWD spot.

10:30 - Besides No.1 Draft pick Harley Reid, what other rookies are there to consider?

14:50 - Caleb Windsor is a good chance to play for the Dees.

18:30 - Jack Macrae (34 per cent) and Sam Flanders (37 per cent) are the the most owned premium options in the forward-line.

22:10 - Should we be considering Caleb Daniel?

23:25 - Sam Flanders joins the show and reveals why his numbers increased at the end of last season.

26:50 - Flanders suggests that Alex Sexton could get that half-back spot after training the house down.

29:30 - "It could be anyone's day" in the midfield for the Suns.

32:30 - Should we pick Sexton?

35:00 - Roy reveals the best six forwards for the season in his Rollin' 22.

39:00 - Will Harley Reid be in the mix as a top forward?

42:45 - The boys chat through drafting strategy for the forwards.

44:10 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter, @aflfantasy on Instagram and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

47:40 - "No one who has made their team has said they love that" - Calvin on the forward-line.

53:00 - You want your mid-priced players to bust out a big score early.

55:30 - Jeremy Cameron is a key forward option that could be considered.

57:45 - What does the Bulldogs' midfield look like?

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