Once again, we find ourselves in a position where we must express our strongest condemnation against another example of overt racism, this time targeting children playing sport in their own front yard.

We acknowledge the leadership of Eddie Betts for bringing this to national attention.

Racism is wrong. Racism is harmful. Racism requires a response.

The AFL takes this opportunity to remind everyone at all levels of the game, that racist behaviour is never welcome. Anywhere.

We invite everyone to follow Eddie's example in calling out racism when you hear, read or see it. We invite everyone to report racism wherever possible. 

The AFL wish to express our love and best wishes for healing, for the children and families who were subject to the racist abuse shared in the video last night. 

We wish to stand with Eddie and his family and thank him for bringing this disturbing behaviour to our attention. We must not look away, rather we must stand together to play our part to reduce racism.

The AFL has this morning reached out to the Betts family to offer our support.