GEELONG superstar Patrick Dangerfield has labelled club great and Footy Show presenter Sam Newman as "irrelevant" following offensive comments the panellist made on Wednesday night.

Newman sparked outrage, particularly in the LGBTIQ community, when he was asked during this week's episode for his opinion on a joke involving Caitlyn Jenner.

He was asked by fellow presenter and Geelong hero Billy Brownless if he knew who Jenner was, replying: "I know who he ... it is … oh well what is she? Is it a he or a she? Is it transgender, is it?"

Newman has since issued a brief statement, saying: "I regret the comments I made about Caitlyn Jenner. What I said was not appropriate and I'm sorry to anyone offended."

Dangerfield, who is vice-president of the AFL Players Association, was asked about the comments during a radio interview on Friday morning.

"From my point of view I just think he is irrelevant," Dangerfield said on KIIS101.1.

"The show itself, apart from Bec (co-host Rebecca Maddern), who is wonderful, I haven't watched it for a while now and I just think Sam was well off the mark and well out of line.

"It's been a history. It's been something that has been happening for such a long period of time and they will continue to run with it because it will continue to rate.

"It will be interesting to see what happens come the end of the season."

Dangerfield said he had appeared on the Footy Show once and he felt for players who appeared on the panel during controversial moments like Wednesday night's. 

"You certainly don't want to be part of an episode that has commentary around that because it puts you in a really uncomfortable position as a player sitting on the panel," he said.

"But it's really difficult to stand up and say I don't agree with this … right at the moment it is said. The program infrastructure doesn't allow it to happen."