Sam Walsh in action during Carlton's clash against Adelaide in round five, 2024. Picture: Getty Images

WHAT an absolute disaster of a round!

If it wasn't injuries to Christian Salem (DEF, $650,000) on five or Colby McKercher (MID, $474,000) on two, maybe it was Bevo… well, 'Bevoing' and subbing out Ryley Sanders (MID, $519,000) on 35 that frustrated you the most. 

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Unfortunately, however, this wasn't even close to the worst of it with a host of premiums performing like failed mid-priced picks.

Marcus Bontempelli (MID, $957,000) 53, Jordan Dawson (MID, $939,000) 60, Tom Green (MID, $993,000), Tim English (RUC, $941,000), Clayton Oliver (MID, $804,000) 53, Christian Petracca (MID, $889,000) 64, Rory Laird (MID, $931,000) 75 and Andrew Brayshaw (MID, $945,000) 78 are prime examples of underperforming premiums and the fact there are so many made it almost impossible to dodge disaster.

Strategically this week, a double downgrade could be on the cards for several coaches. Firstly, there are cash cows that look ripe for the picking but secondly, it would be nice to have some cash in the bank to launch into upgrade trades following the first DPP announcements following round six.

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  • Will Graham (DEF/MID, $327,000)
  • Sam Walsh (MID, $886,000)
  • Blake Drury (FWD, $257,000)
  • Sam Clohesy (DEF, $339,000)
  • Hugo Garcia (MID/FWD, $222,000)


  • Colby McKercher (MID, $474,000)
  • Massimo D'Ambrosio (DEF, $590,000)
  • Matt Crouch (MID, $845,000)
  • Blake Howes (DEF, $407,000)
  • Ryley Sanders (MID, $519,000)


  • Sam Clohesy (DEF, $339,000) +$86,000
  • Will Graham (DEF/MID, $327,000) +$75,000
  • Brad Hill (MID/FWD, $718,000) +$73,000
  • Xavier Duursma (MID, $673,000) +$64,000
  • Mykelti Lefau (FWD, $286,000) +$64,000


  • Christian Salem (DEF, $650,000) -$73,000
  • Clayton Oliver (MID, $804,000) -$70,000
  • Bailey Dale (DEF, $692,000) -$68,000
  • Jayden Short (DEF, $704,000) -$63,000
  • Nick Hind (DEF, $435,000) -$58,000


  • Sam Clohesy (DEF, $339,000) -37
  • Will Graham (DEF/MID, $327,000) -29
  • Blake Drury (FWD, $257,000) -26
  • Mykelti Lefau (FWD, $286,000) -19
  • Bigoa Nyuon (FWD, $244,000) -14


  • Tom Green (MID, $993,000) 159
  • Caleb Serong (MID, $1.01M) 159
  • Tim English (RUC, $941,000) 157
  • Clayton Oliver (MID, $804,000) 155
  • Darcy Parish (MID, $867,000) 148


Will Graham (DEF/MID, $327,000): The Sun is a cash cow you want after his 104 from 14 disposals and 14 tackles left him with a BE -29. He is attending plenty of CBAs and is doing his job security wonders which is what we need.

Sam Walsh (MID, $886,000): When you are built different, a delayed start to the season means nothing, as we saw with the hard-working Blue who didn't miss a beat upon return with 34 disposals and a whopping 13 tackles for 145. It leaves the 23-year-old with a breakeven of 73 heading into a match up at Marvel with the Giants. He is one of the genuine bargains of the competition, so expect a steep rise from his current eight per cent ownership.

Errol Gulden (MID, $931,000): The Swans ball-magnet is a bit of a forgotten man following his bye. He had a slow start to the season with an uncharacteristic 69 in Opening Round, but since then, we have seen him return to his dominant best which included scores of 111, 117 and 127. He has a BE of 104 heading into a tough match-up with the restrictive Suns, but he won't be this cheap for long.

Errol Gulden celebrates a goal for Sydney against West Coast in R4, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

Sam Clohesy (DEF, $339,000): It's not too late to jump on the popular Sun after he backed up his impressive debut with another ripping performance that consisted of 18 disposals, eight marks and two goals for 94. It leaves him with an incredible BE of -37 and if that isn't enough, he is available as a defender despite doing his best work up the ground on a wing.

Blake Drury (FWD, $257,000): Despite some previous owners having nightmares about the past, it was hard to ignore the outstanding performance from the 20-year-old, especially given it was against the Cats. His season debut produced an absolute ripper, consisting of 17 disposals, two goals and an incredible 11 marks. If you have confidence in his job security, he is definitely a player to consider given his BE of -26.


Bigoa Nyuon (FWD, $244,000): The 22-year-old played a whopping 92 per cent time on ground in an impressive performance against the seasoned Cats. He collected 19 disposals and seven marks for 83 which leaves him with a BE of -14. Similar to Drury, if the job security is there, it's hard to ignore the significant price rises over the coming weeks.


Marcus Bontempelli (MID, $957,000): The most expensive midfielder in the game at the start of the year has been underwhelming, but his performance against the Bombers defied logic. The Bont, who is arguably the best player in the game and who was fresh off one of the best performances of the season the previous week, looked disinterested and unmotivated on his way to just 17 disposals, three tackles, no marks, no goals and 53 points. Non-owners will be licking their lips given his BE of 140.

Matt Crouch (MID, $845,000): The ball-magnet has been a great pick for those who started with him, averaging 102 and increasing in value by $111k. Unfortunately, he has received a one-match suspension but it may be a timely move regardless given the Crows injected some speed into the middle against the Blues which allowed him just 67 per cent time on ground and a season low 86 from 27 disposals.


Massimo D'Ambrosio (DEF, $590,000): That's three weeks in a row where the Hawks recruit hasn't managed to reach 70 after he collected 18 disposals and scored 65. His price has now maxed out with a BE of 78 and it is time to go. If you have bigger issues, there is some hope he could return to his early-season form for a swansong given his match-up with the Roos.

Colby McKercher (MID, $474,000): The Roos young gun unfortunately only lasted 11 per cent of the game before succumbing to an injury on two. He has been a great cash cow and will be a member of our teams for years to come but the rib knock and consequent red vest has left him with a BE of 87. He has gone up an impressive $177k in total while displaying his elite skillset, highlighted by exquisite kicking and elite speed.

Christian Salem (DEF, $650,000): The 28-year-old Dee has been a big source of frustration for his owners after an impressive start to the season with scores of 95, 88 and 105 in his first three. His last three have been a far cry from that with 52, 67 and a horribly unlucky score of five after being injured early in the first quarter.  Many coaches were planning to trade him this week prior to his bye and his injury and BE of 140 all but confirms the move.

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