Clayton Oliver handballs during Melbourne's clash against Geelong in round eight, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

THE FANTASY Gods sat back and had a good old laugh this week with popular players dropping like flies.

Although the writing was on the wall with Connor Rozee (MID, $852,000) after surprisingly being selected to play despite a questionable hamstring, his score of 51 as he was subbed out still hurt and little did we know, there was worse to come. 

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Giants star Tom Green (MID, $864,000) was coming off his second best score of the year with 127, only to fall 120 short of that after copping two ankle knocks in the first quarter before being subbed out on seven.

Midfield bull Elliot Yeo (DEF/MID, $769,000) has been back to his sensational best this year but unfortunately only lasted 50 per cent of the game before a minor groin complaint ended his milestone match early, while on the back of a season-high 118, Nat Fyfe (FWD/MID, $630,000) started as the sub and popular Bomber Jye Caldwell (MID/FWD, $768,000) was subbed out after just 49 per cent of the game.

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On the flipside, there were some legends who saved the round led by Dayne Zorko (FWD/MID, $952,000) who all but peeled his coaches off the canvas. Talk about 'get some pork on your fork', Zorko's piggish tendencies were on full display for a whopping 92 per cent of the game given the Lions' restricted rotations and he took full advantage of the extra TOG, collecting 40 disposals, 16 marks and five tackles for 184. Imagine if he kicked straight in front of goal after kicking three behinds! The risk v reward discussion surrounding the selection of the Lions star is officially over.


  • Nick Daicos (DEF/MID, $885,000)
  • Clayton Oliver (MID, $722,000)
  • Bruce Reville (MID/FWD, $221,000)
  • Jack Sinclair (DEF, $846,000)
  • Caleb Serong (MID, $970,000)


  • Elliot Yeo (DEF/MID, $769,000)
  • Connor Rozee (MID, $852,000)
  • Tom Green (MID, $864,000)
  • Matt Roberts (MID/DEF, $630,000)
  • Zac Williams (DEF, $531,000)


  • James Peatling (FWD/MID, $444,000) +$72,000
  • Darcy Wilson (MID/FWD, $565,000) +$60,000
  • Jordon Sweet (RUC, $502,000) +$59,000
  • Jarrod Berry (MID, $808,000) +$56,000
  • Jake Lever (DEF, $600,000) +$54,000


  • Tom Green (MID, $864,000) -$78,000
  • Dom Sheed (MID, $576,000) -$76,000
  • Connor Rozee (MID, $852,000) -$59,000
  • Lincoln McCarthy (FWD, $548,000) -$38,000
  • Liam Shiels (MID, $553,000) -$54,000


  • James Peatling (FWD/MID, $444,000) -11
  • Darcy Jones (FWD, $281,000) -8
  • Calsher Dear (FWD, $232,000) -4
  • Taj Woewodin (FWD/DEF, $288,000) 1
  • Lachlan Sullivan (MID, $225,000) 1
Lachie Sullivan celebrates his first league goal during the match between Carlton and Collingwood at the MCG in round eight, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos


  • Tom Green (MID, $864,000) 166
  • Connor Rozee (MID, $852,000) 155
  • Lachie Whitfield (DEF, $886,000) 147
  • Harry Sheezel (DEF, $1.05M) 146
  • Jack Steele (MID, $928,000) 142


Jack Sinclair (DEF, $846,000): The Saints star has dropped $76k since the start of the season after injury interrupted his preparation. He made the most of a midfield role on the weekend when he attended 21 CBAs and collected 33 disposals, took nine marks, laid five tackles and kicked two goals for a stat-stuffing 156. He is the bargain pick of the week with a BE of just 65 and a favourable match-up with the Hawks at Pig Park.

Nick Daicos (DEF/MID, $885,000): The Pie stars made the most of his added responsibilities through the injury depleted midfield and his numbers reflected that with his first triple-figure score in four weeks on the back of 32 disposals, seven tackles and two goals for 122. It leaves him with a BE of 96 leading into a mouth-watering match-up with the Eagles, meaning he likely won't be available under $900K again this year.

Nick Daicos celebrates a goal during round eight, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

Clayton Oliver (MID, $722,000): Is it time? Down a whopping $305k since the start of the year, the Dees star showed signs of returning to his best with 31 disposals, four marks and four tackles against the Cats for his best score since round one with a 106. He has a tough match-up with the Blues this week before it opens up against the Eagles and Saints. Super cheap but still comes with risk given his three previous scores were 65, 53 and 47.

Jake Soligo (MID, $729,000): The Crows young gun is back in calculations since being thrown the keys to the midfield and the injury carnage to popular premiums who lost significant value. He has been outstanding the last five weeks with an average of 97 in that time which leaves him with a BE of 50. He had a season high last round with 115 from 28 disposals and 10 tackles which came from an impressive 17 CBAs.

Lachlan Sullivan (MID, $225,000): After starting as the sub, the 26-year-old made the most of his 43 per cent TOG with 10 disposals, five tackles and a goal for 57. He had an impressive eight score involvements despite his minimal game time which will give him every chance to play a full game this week. He has a BE of just three and a great match-up against the Eagles.


Elliot Yeo (MID/DEF, $769,000): The Eagles star has been back to his brutal best in the midfield but unfortunately injury cut his milestone game short against the Bombers with a minor groin complaint that is set to keep him out for a couple of weeks. He has been outstanding, averaging 89 and increasing $136k since the start of the year and he will have a BE of 116 upon return. 

Elliot Yeo thanks fans after West Coast's loss to Essendon in round eight, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

Connor Rozee (FWD/MID, $852,000): The Power star is set to miss at least a week with the hamstring issue that has restricted him to basically four quarters over the last two weeks. In that time, he hasn't played over 57 per cent of a game and his price drop has reflected that, now down $104k on his original starting price. He has a BE of 155.

Tom Green (MID, $864,000): All eyes will be on the heath of superstar ball-magnet Green as he tries to overcome the ankle injury that restricted him to just 13 per cent TOG last week. He has a huge 166 BE on the back of his score of 7 and he will be an absolute bargain in coming weeks following the unfortunate timing of his injury.

Matt Roberts (MID/DEF, $630,000): The 20-year-old has been an absolute sensation this year across half-back, increasing in value by a whopping $385k since the start of the year. He struggled in the wet against the Giants as he has had a heavy reliance on marks to score, taking just one and scoring a season low 49. Coincidently, he spent a lot of time on the bench, playing just 63 per cent of the game which contributes to his BE of 82.

Matt Roberts during Sydney's game against Melbourne in Opening Round, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

Jack Macrae (FWD/MID, $733,000): 'Libba' out may be the saving grace that keeps Macrae in the team following a disappointing effort against the Hawks. He looked disinterested throughout the game on his way to just seven kicks, no marks and a score 66. His TOG was his lowest of the season barring his sub game and his job security and scoring potential are both huge concerns moving forward. He has a BE of 82, a score he has surpassed just twice this season.

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