Nathan Kreuger of Collingwood celebrates a goal. Picture: Darrian Traynor/AFL Photos

COLLINGWOOD’s AFL injury crisis has cut deep at Smithy’s VFL level, with five senior listed players dropping out of its team to take on undefeated ladder leader Footscray in an AFL curtain raiser at Marvel Stadium on Friday.

The Magpies had Charlie Dean and Wil Parker called up last week while they were on a VFL bye, and Ash Johnson has joined them in the main game this week.

Ned Long, who was promoted onto the AFL list in the mid-season draft on Wednesday night, immediately joins the casualty ward, while marking forward Jack Hutchinson has traded black and white for blue and gold after being drafted by West Coast, with youngster Conor Willis (concussion) being the sixth exclusion.

Nathan Kreuger and important VFL-lister Kaden Schreiber are the Magpies’ biggest inclusions after injury, while Luke Quaynor, 18, the younger brother of premiership player Isaac, is one of two debutants alongside Wodonga small forward Josh Mathey, 20, with vice-captain Jedd Longmire and Harry Flynn also recalled.

Footscray regains Charlie Clarke returns from a week off with an injury, with Kai Stretton and Connor Watson brought in to replace promoted pair Rory Lobb and Lachie McNeil.

Mid-season draftees Iliro Smit (Collingwood) and Kelsey Rypstra (Footscray) were not selected to debut for their new clubs but will surely appear in the near future.

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Smithy’s VFL broadcast partner, the Seven Network, will broadcast select matches live and free on the Seven Network in Victoria and on 7plus nationally. This week’s broadcast game will be Northern Bullants vs Carlton.


Friday 31 May, 4:05pm, Marvel Stadium
Head-to-Head: Footscray 12-8; At Marvel: Never Met; Streak: Footscray 1; Last Time: Footscray 14.13 (97) def Collingwood 11.11 (77) – July 7, 2023, Avalon Airport Oval

H. Flynn (71), B. Silvagni (60), J. Ryan (24)
HB: C. MacDonald (74), T. Jiath (19), C. Lane (48)
C: H. Mahoney (72), E. Allan (16), H. DeMattia (13)
HF: L. Quaynor (78)*, T. Wilson (56), H. Kennedy (53)
F: L. Purcell (65), N. Krueger (15), B. Crocker (47)
R: P. Farrant (68), J. Mathey (58), J. Tomasiello (61)
INT: S. Glover (50), K. Schreiber (52), R. Sparkes (51), C. Mulvogue (66), J. Longmire (57)
EMG: R. Penny (62), A. Seivers (59), J. Hartman (70)

IN: H. Flynn, N. Kreuger, J. Longmire, J. Mathey, L. Quaynor, K. Schreiber
OUT: C. Dean, A. Johnson, W. Parker (AFL), J. Hutchinson (West Coast Eagles), N. Long (injured), C. Willis (concussion)
NEW: Josh Mathey, 20, 172cm, Wodonga; Luke Quaynor, 18, 179cm, Beverley Hills/Doncaster East/Oakleigh Chargers/Collingwood NGA

P. Spicer (63), W. Lewis (64), L. Smith (40)
HB: D. Bedendo (26), T. Bianco (58), C. Clarke (8)
C: J. Croft (16), A. Jones (32), B. Crofts (54)
HF: D. Orgill (50), J. Busslinger (5), E. Hunt (56)
F: C. Craig-Peters (61), C. Poulter (25), L. Cleary (36)
R: B. Khamis (24), J. Kellett (57), O. Baker (13)
INT: S. Willoughby (53), J. Gilbee (69), C. Dahms (59), K. Stretton (66), C. Watson (79)*
EMG: C. Smith (55), T. McRae (60), A. Bade (68), T. Maple (65)

IN: C. Clarke, K. Stretton, C. Watson
OUT: R. Lobb, L. McNeil (AFL), C. Kizan

FIELD: 1. Andrew Talbot, 26. Jordyn Pearson, 41. Tom Lyon. BOUNDARY: Jake D’Angelo, Mitch Dorling, Lachie Perdon, Dan Urbans. GOAL: Brendan Moloney, Adam Steger.