Errol Gulden runs with the ball during Sydney's clash against Geelong in round 13, 2024. Picture: Getty Images

THE 'EASY' bye round came down to a case of whether you were in team Errol and Flanders … or not.

One of the most popular trade targets for round 13 was Errol Gulden. More than 13,000 coaches picked up the Swan and were super happy with his 151 points on Sunday. The No.1 player traded in was Crow Billy Dowling who scored 89 on debut for his 25,000 new owners while Zac Fisher's 23,000 new coaches enjoyed the Roo's 115.

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Getting instant reward for a trade is a nice feeling, but nothing beats nailing a big captain score.

St Kilda gives up plenty of points to defenders. Sam Flanders was tipped by Calvin to rack up huge numbers on Saturday night. Did he do it? Yes, he did! A score of 163 – or 326 for some – helped boost plenty of scores this week.

The Traders celebrate Flanders as well as the 700th episode of their podcast with plenty of advice to help coaches ahead of round 14. Roy reveals his Rollin' 22 as trades over the next few weeks work towards completing Fantasy Classic teams.

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In this episode …

1:10 - Roy is certain to win a hat.

3:00 - It was a nervous wait for Calvin to see his captain Max Gawn play after Sam Flanders' big 163.

5:20 - Tom Green was Warnie's -3 after bringing him in.

8:50 - Was it a bad call for Calvin to trade out Tristan Xerri for Rowan Marshall?

12:30 - Zac Fisher should be OK after sitting out the end of his game.

17:00 - Where are the tags going in round 14?

20:25 - A big score is coming from Dayne Zorko in the St Kilda match-up.

28:30 - Luke Ryan will be a popular option this week.

32:45 - At a super-cheap price, is Jy Simpkin an option?

37:20 - Billy Dowling is the downgrade to get if you don't have him.

42:00 - Early trade ideas from the boys.

43:20 - Roy reveals his Rollin' 22.

47:45 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter, @aflfantasy on Instagram and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

50:30 - Who goes first? Clayton Oliver or Jake Soligo?

54:10 - Is Bodhi Uwland a stepping stone player?

57:15 - "The MIDs are the biggest issue".

59:30 - Thank you to everyone who has tuned into our 700 episodes of the podcast.

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