NOBODY at Adelaide, including coach Don Pyke, is safe from a wide-ranging internal and external review, board member and Crows great Mark Ricciuto says.

The Crows were one of this season's biggest disappointments, winning just two of their last nine games to finish 11th with a 10-12 record and miss the finals for the second straight year after making the 2017 Grand Final.

Ricciuto said everyone's position, including his own, Pyke's, head of football Brett Burton's and co-captain Taylor Walker's, would come under the microscope.

"You have to make sure you have the right footy department," Ricciuto told Triple M on Monday morning.

"If anyone has got to go, whether it's me, Pykey (coach Don Pyke) or Brett Burton or the captain (Taylor Walker), the club is more important than the individual.

"The club will do an internal review as we always do, and they'll do an external review with people who have got nothing to do with the football club and then get the information from both and make a decision from there.

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"That's what the supporters want and that's what the supporters will get.

"Everyone wants the right thing for the Adelaide Football Club and I'm certainly not going to stand in the way.

"If I'm the problem I'll be gone, and I'm sure if Pykey knew (that), he'd be gone as well."

Ricciuto also retracted comments he made on radio on Sunday, when he said supporters who weren't happy with how the club was run should go and barrack for someone else.

"That didn't come out right and I want to fix that up," Ricciuto said.

"I respect and love the Adelaide Football Club supporters, always have and always will.

"Absolutely they're entitled to their opinion, I was probably referring to a very small amount of the supporters who are never happy no matter what happens.

"I 100 per cent take back that comment, I didn't quite get that right."

The Crows are expected to have a significant turnover of their list with a number of players, including Sam Jacobs, Hugh Greenwood and Alex Keath, yet to be re-signed and linked to other clubs, while the club has already confirmed Richard Douglas and Andy Otten won't be there next year.