IS IT too late once an analyst informs a coach about an on-field problem? How can a lead be deceiving? Can data help recruit a star?'s new podcast, Trends, is back for a second episode and delves into the world of AFL club analysts.

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Reporter and host Marc McGowan is joined by St Kilda's senior analyst Darren O'Shaughnessy, who provides insight into an increasingly important role within AFL clubs. 

Trends is a podcast for the hardcore and average football fan who wants to learn more about what they're watching each weekend.

Podcast summary 

1:15 – What does an analyst do at an AFL club?
3:45 – "It might be time to change something"
5:00 – How quickly can a problem be solved?
6:35 – Adapting data to help with recruiting
8:26 – Analysts are just one piece of the puzzle
10:05 – Which sports are leading the way?
11:12 – AFL is one of the most difficult sports to track
12:57 – Hawthorn's five-goal lead wasn't as safe as it seemed
15:10 – How much time was dedicated to the new rules?
16:36 – Not overreacting to the numbers
19:00 – Dealing with 'Libba' at the centre bounces