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NAT FYFE'S Brownlow Medal prospects rest with the Match Review Panel after the Fremantle star was reported for tripping Western Bulldogs midfielder Koby Stevens on Sunday afternoon.

Fyfe, who was tracking for more Brownlow votes against the Dogs, was reported in the third quarter.

His medal hopes will rest on the offence being judged worthy only of a fine, which will keep him eligible for the award.

Fremantle coach Ross Lyon refused to comment on the actual incident but said the side of the ground in question was wet and could have been a contributing factor.

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"Clearly, one really pertinent point: we got the memo during the week and I don't intend to comment but it was a sharp reminder you can't comment pre or post on reports because the club can be fined $20,000," Lyon said post-match.

"But what I can talk about is the side of the ground it happened. The left-hand side's as dry as a chip and the other side people are slipping and sliding … like sprinklers have been on an hour before the game.

"I'm not sure but it was very confusing when I walked the ground … so if someone can explain that to me … (I'm) a very confused AFL coach here (on) how the ground can end up in that state.

"It's quite dangerous for players when one side's dry as a chip and the other side's like a slippery slide. Anyone who slipped on that side – Western Bulldogs or Fremantle – I think they've got a fair contributing factor."

Fyfe reacts after being reported in Sunday's third quarter. Picture: Michael Willson, AFL Media

However, Bulldogs counterpart Luke Beveridge said he had no issues with the surface.

"It was fine," Beveridge said. "There's always a bit of surface dew at Etihad because they leave the rood open and it's just what happens. The surface is in great condition and it's a credit to the stadium and the AFL."

Fyfe, who is the bookmakers' favourite for the Brownlow, could escape with just a fine under the revised MRP grading system brought in for 2015. 

The trip would most likely be considered of low impact to the body, resulting in a $1500 fine that can be reduced to a $1000 sanction with a guilty plea. 

Fyfe finished second in last season's Brownlow after he was suspended twice during the season.

He finished on 25 votes, one behind West Coast's Matt Priddis, despite missing four matches with suspension.

His poor record from 2014 would increase any match-based sanction by a week. 

However, under the new MRP system, charges that attract a fine are not affected by a player's poor record from past seasons.