SAINTS forward Jack Billings hopes that adapting his field kicking technique to his set-shot routine will help fix his goalkicking woes this year.

Billings was wayward in front of the big sticks last season, booting 23.36 in one of the only blemishes in a standout season for the young Saint.

Inaccuracy in front of goal was not just limited to Billings, with the Saints ranking 17th in the AFL for overall accuracy (45.5 per cent) and 16th for set-shot accuracy in 2017. 

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The Saints appointed Ben Dixon as a part-time goalkicking coach in October and he began working with the St Kilda players in December. 

Dixon booted 282 goals and 176 behinds in 203 matches for the Hawks between 1997 and 2007. 

Billings said the former sharpshooter had helped refine his set-shot technique by keeping it more natural. 

"Without giving too much away, I've just changed my run up a little bit and got it a lot smoother and tried to make it similar to my field kicking," Billings said.

"That's been the main thing. It's working well at the moment so hopefully it can continue." 

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According to Champion Data, since making his debut in 2014, Billings' set-shot accuracy of 42 per cent and general play accuracy of 38 per cent both rank as the worst of the League's top-110 goalkickers in that time. 

Since working with Dixon, building his momentum through his run up and accelerating through his kicking motion has been a point of emphasis for Billings.

At training, Dixon has been big on the Saints forwards practicing their set shots under fatigue. Often the players take their kick after sprinting up and back to a cone positioned a set distance away. 

During recent goalkicking testing at Saints training, it is understood Billings booted 18.0 and then 15.0 when he was put under the microscope the next time. 

The true test will come once he is in scoring range in the pressure of a game, but Billings, the No.3 pick in the 2013 NAB AFL Draft, said Dixon had kept things simple and it was beginning to pay off.

"He's (Dixon) been really great, so hopefully I can see some good signs this year and hopefully I can execute," Billings said. 

According to Champion Data statistics, the 22-year-old was the No.1 disposal winner of all general forwards last season and rated elite for score assists and score involvements per game. 

He was also involved in 29 per cent of St Kilda's scoring chains – ranked No.1 at the club.

If Billings can iron out the inconsistencies with his goalkicking, the Saints are hopeful he could become an even more damaging player through the midfield and deep in attack this season.