1. Danger'sillness cured

Before theball was even bounced on Sunday Patrick Dangerfield's grandfather predicted abig game for Adelaide's No. 32 – his girlfriend returned home from abroad atthe start of the week. Mardi spent three months in Bangladesh on a workplacement and, judging by Paddy's performances in the first four rounds, hemight have suffered a bout of love sickness. Dangerfield averaged 20possessions and a goal a game in his first four outings this season, but on theback of Mardi's return last Monday, the 23-year-old booted five goals, collected 33 disposals and had nine clearances in his first best on grounddisplay for 2014. 

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2. 250 up for Crows' champ

Althoughhe claimed he didn't have the time to reflect during the week, Sunday's gamemarked a significant milestone for Scott Thompson – his 250th AFL match. The31-year-old's immense ball-winning ability was on full show against the Giants.The two-time club champion managed 13 disposals in the opening term andfinished with 38 touches and nine clearances to celebrate his big day. 

3. Another giant forward

Given thehype that has surrounded the man mountain that is 18-year-old No. 1 draft pickTom Boyd, it was always going to be difficult for his debut to avoid being an anti-climax.At 201cm and 102kg, Boyd is a monster of a teenager and a third huge body in aforward line already featuring Jeremy Cameron and Jonathon Patton. But even abrilliant forward line will struggle if supply is limited; a fact proved soagainst the Crows. Boyd was held goalless and wasn't really given the chance toshow what all the talk has been about. No doubt he'll have plenty ofopportunity to walk the walk in the coming weeks and years. 

4. Douglas in hot water?

RichardDouglas could find himself in a spot of bother for an off-the-ball shepherd onGiants co-captain Callan Ward in the second term. Ward was casually followingthe play as Crow Brodie Smith set himself for a long shot at goal, when Douglasapplied a solid hip and shoulder. While Ward was concussed in the incident andlater subbed, the bump didn't appear high and the bulk of the damage looked tooccur when Ward's head hit the turf. His teammates didn't like it though, andremonstrated fiercely with Douglas on the boundary line. 

5. Hardly embarrassing

It wasapparent pretty early on that the Giants were going to be outclassed. Theylooked the better side for half of the opening term, but from that point of itwas a matter of 'how much' for the home side. The margin blew out to 61 pointshalf way through the third quarter, but at no point did the Giants allow thewheels to completely fall off. Adelaide only managed to extend its lead to 65points by the final siren, hardly a consolation prize for the Giants, but proofthey stuck around until the end. 

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