DANE Rampe, his club Sydney and the AFL Players' Association are considering their next move after the Swans co-captain was fined $11,000 by the AFL on Tuesday for two on-field matters.

AFLPA chief executive Paul Marsh told AFL.com.au that his organisation was "concerned about the sanctions" and that it felt the fines were excessive. 

SWAN FINED Rampe to pay up  for ump comments, goalpost climb

After initially clearing Rampe of any wrongdoing in Friday night's Swans win against Essendon at the SCG, and again on Saturday morning, the AFL on Monday issued him with a 'please explain' letter relating to his scaling of a goal post as Bomber David Myers kicked for goal after the final siren, and also for words directed at a field umpire.

"The AFLPA is concerned about the sanctions handed down to Dane Rampe," Marsh said on Tuesday night. 

"With respect to the sanction relating to comments directed at an umpire, whilst not condoning these comments, they happened in the spur of the moment, Dane was clearly contrite, issued a genuine apology and has an exemplary disciplinary record.

"The size of the fine is excessive given these factors. In our view this was an opportunity for education rather than heavy sanctions. 

"The sanction for climbing the goalpost is puzzling given the AFL’s position that this action was not even worthy of a free kick during the game."

'PRACTICAL' CALL Gill backs ump's decision on Rampe post climb

Rampe publicly apologised for his actions on Monday, and also did so formally in a written response to the AFL. 

The AFL ruled against the Swans captain under rule 2.3, which relates to "conduct unbecoming or prejudicial to the interests of the AFL".

For telling an umpire, "you talk like a little girl", Rampe was sanctioned $10,000, of which $5000 was suspended.

For climbing the goal post, which caused it to shake and thus breaching an AFL in-game rule, Rampe was fined $1000, all of which was suspended. 

"As a senior player in our game, and a captain of his football club, Dane is well aware the derogatory nature of his remarks are completely unacceptable and have no place in our game," said AFL general manager football operations Steve Hocking. 

Rampe's manager would not comment when contacted Tuesday night, and Swans CEO Tom Harley could not be contacted.

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