JEREMY McGovern has been reported and Tom Bellchambers will come under Match Review scrutiny after an eventful opening term between West Coast and Essendon at Optus Stadium on Thursday night.

Essendon's Mason Redman will also be in hot water after being reported on the cusp of half-time.

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McGovern was immediately reported by an umpire for his push on Matt Guelfi, which resulted in the young Bomber crashing into the fence after kicking the ball.

Guelfi went to the bench to collect himself and later returned to the field, but went down into the rooms early in the second term for a concussion test and rib/abdominal injury.

He didn't come back on and was later sent to hospital for further assessment.

Ruckman Bellchambers bumped Luke Shuey's head with his hip while the Eagle was bent low with ball in hand.

A free kick was paid and Shuey later left the ground with a blood nose.

Redman become the second player reported after he appeared to stamp on Oscar Allen while he was lying on the ground.

Allen received a free kick and had an unsuccessful shot for goal, while Redman immediately went into the book.

Eagles coach Adam Simpson said he did not see the McGovern incident.

"No, I didn't (see it). I don't watch the replays," Simpson said.

"I didn't see it. I think someone told me he was pushed into a chair or something like that and he hurt his collarbone. 

"I don't know what that constitutes so I'll let everyone work that out. 

"I don't know what to say (about the chair being involved)."